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March! The third month of the year and the beginning of spring and autumn (in the Northern and Southern Hemisphere respectively).  March was originally the first month in the calendar, and certain cultures still celebrate it as the beginning of the New Year. It was originally named "Martius" after Mars, the Roman god of war and agriculture, because it began the season for both farming and warfare.

The Anglo-Saxons called the month "Hlyd monath" meaning Stormy month. In many languages including Ukrainian, Czech, and Slovene, March was named after the birch tree.

One of March's birthstones is the aquamarine symbolizing courage. Its flower, the daffodil, represents rebirth and new beginnings.

March includes the Equinox Earth Day, Women's History Month, Saint Patrick's Day, Pi Day, Save a Spider Day, World Math Day, and Waffle Day. Happy birthday to those born in March - you are meant to be generous, sensitive, observant, serene, moody, musically gifted, and trustworthy!

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Bii left aloun in March — sevier, baht dhen agen

Dhe lounliness iz solityuud tu hör diip bluu;

Wear adherz widher, shii wud mend;

Laik shii — aez shii — kud yu?
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This has got to be one of my favourites. The colour contrast is perfect. Have you done a series on the zodiac? It would be really cool. 
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There should be a calendar made from this!!!!!!
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No fish? I would think March as Pisces would have them (lol), as so many of the artwork seems water must love the ocean. Its the month my mother was born, and its a beautiful representation of the month.
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I am constantly inspired by the ocean, and can't imagine not living near a coastline! Thanks!
I love you for bringing Dreams to reality I AM here now
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my month :) though my name is april in spanish,haha. btw, she reminds me of josephine skriver,were you inspired by her face or is it all your imagination?
anyways, you're one of the greatest in my opinion, your art always gives me such a beautiful ethereal vibe, you have so much talent ♥ congrats
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I have the refs for 'March' available at my FAQ! Thank you, much appreciated :heart:
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wow,i was right,both pics are of her face xD lol. and you are welcome! you deserve all the best, i can't believe you replied :D haha. xo
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This is so mystical and beautiful... gorgeous piece of art.
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Holy moly I was born in March and I am all those things you listed except musically gifted ;P
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Haha cool :D (Maybe you are deep down!!)
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