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HAPPY NEW YEAR! Here’s to a fantastic, amazing, wonderful 2014!

January, the month of new beginnings and making/breaking new year’s resolutions. Though traditionally winter was considered a month-less period, eventually January replaced March as the first month in the Roman calendar. It was named after the god of the doorway, Janus who was said to have two faces allowing him to look backwards and forwards into the old and new year simultaneously. The Anglo-Saxons called January ‘wolf monath’ because hungry wolves came into towns in search of food. It’s typically the coldest month in the northern half of the world (and the warmest on the other half).

January's birthstone is the garnet representing constancy. The month’s flower, the carnation, symbolizes love and fascination and is one of the world's oldest cultivated flowers.

It is the month of New Year’s Day, Fruit Cake Toss Day (the third) and Rubber Duckie Day (the thirteenth), Thank You month, Hot Tea Month, and Clean Up Your Computer Month. Personality traits of those born in January include ambition, a love to teach, critical, hardworking, reserved, and the desire to make others happy.

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Very beautiful! 
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my birthstone is garnet so i'm queen of january.
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Mmm, that woman is gorgeous and the colors meld together with her very well. 
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there is a very old illustration technque called 'oil rub’ in which you create a drawing and then with a clothe rub the oil into it... your style reminds me of it...
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Interesting! I should look it up!
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wait. i was born on rubber duckie day

this is absolutely gorgeous~~
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A good day to be born :D Thanks!
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:D Not a problem!
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Very informative, thank you :) Im going to research History and see what else i can learn about the other months.
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Thanks :) I find the history very interesting!
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I really love your works, they're just amazing!
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You're welcome ^^ Your work is just amazing! I really love it and it inspires me a lot :)
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