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February - the month I always misspelled. Though originally the last month of the calendar, it’s now the second (and shortest) month. Initially called Februarius, it was named after the Latin term februum meaning purification. It stems from the mid-month purification ritual Februa.

The many names of February are quite fun. The Anglo Saxons called February Sol-monath meaning cake-month, because cakes were offered to the gods (on the other hand, it was also traditionally called Kale-monath). The Finnish term for February is helmikuu meaning ‘month of the pearl’, because droplets of snow falling from trees resembled pearls. Being the shortest month, February was known in Welsh as y mis bach (the little month).

Its birthstone is the amethyst symbolizing humility, spiritual wisdom, sincerity and quick-wittedness. February’s birth flower, the violet, represents faithfulness, modesty and virtue.

Of course, St Valentines Day is celebrated in February (an old tradition was that the first man an unmarried woman saw on 14th February would be her future husband), along with Groundhog Day, Leap Day every four years, African American History Month, Snack Food Month, Bird Feeding Month, and Chocolate Lover's Month. Happy birthday Februarians - you are meant to be clever, temperamental, humble, sensitive, daring, stubborn, and have a love for leisure and entertainment :)

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<3 I love the info you are giving bout the month :)
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Dhe hidden flauer ov hör soul;

Dhe sikret fiilingz ov mai haart;

Dhe chilling wedher ov aur bond;

Dhe poinyant bitterness aend taekt.
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Wow!! this is Great!! 
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Now I feel proud to be born in February! Especially with this art <3
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This is beautiful.
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I thought I was decent as Digital art but DAAAAAAAAMMMMN compared to your art, mine looks terrible
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May I use this painting for my book? I will give you the credits. Will be waiting for your answer!
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Hi there! This piece is available for licensing. If you'd like to get in touch and let me know a little more about what you have in mind, the best way to reach me is via email at
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These are breath taking. Just, wow. I love them all so much <3 Very beautiful work!!
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I love the look and the expression of this face. Wonderful interpretation !
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Did u use reference on this fantastic painting???
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It's soo beautiful that Its hard for me to look away.
I love the very soft colors, great blending and the face features are superb! Look at that lips and eyes, and the eye brows! the cute nose!
All perfectly drawn and proportioned. I love everything about it!Heart Heart Heart 
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Hi, you are  featured in my journal  ;)…
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Thanks for the feature :)
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Wonderful, great work :)
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You're welcome Anna :)
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Your works never cease to take my breath away and leave me awestruck. Truly phenomenal. 
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Thank you, I appreciate it :heart:
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