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So, here we go, August. I might paint other months if I can keep up!

Though originally called Sextilis because it’s position in the Roman calender as the sixth month, it’s now the eighth. It was renamed in honor of Augustus who chose the month because he apparently had some cool victories during that time.

August is not too heavy on symbolism though it’s birthstone the peridot, which is a pretty olive green color. It’s birth flowers are the poppy or gladiolus, the later which symbolizes strength of character. The hottest days of the year often fall in August (though not for me, it’s foggy year round where I live)

Any August birthdays? A few traits for august include a sense of humor, attractive, brave, proud, emotional, and generous :)

Bullet; White JANUARY  Bullet; White FEBRUARY  Bullet; White MARCH  Bullet; White APRIL Bullet; White MAY  Bullet; White  JUNE Bullet; White  JULY Bullet; White  AUGUST  Bullet; White  SEPTEMBER Bullet; White  OCTOBER  Bullet; White  NOVEMBER Bullet; White  DECEMBER Bullet; White 

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People born in August are suppose to have those traits? Well my brother was born in the wrong month!
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I love how you've given your art month names. They really fit. The colour and form is all amazing. You've really put a lot of thought into your art. 
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This is so beautiful, she looks like a fairy!
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I just went and looked at all of your months, they are beyond compare to any artwork out there for works of the months. As you might can tell I am definitely a fan of yours. However I think I speak for anyone who sees your artwork, its beautiful, and your imagination is awe inspiring.
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Hmm, I saw this way back, (haven't been on here is a long time) and thought I commented then. However if I didn't my loss, and if I did, it bears repeating how wonderful this one is...I love the colors, especially sense its my month of birth. Some of your paintings, while all very beautiful seem sad, or pensive...while the lady in this one is not smiling...the painting as a whole seems joyful, happy and full of life. Also very, I like that.
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Beautiful artwork :)
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You're welcome !
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Born August 5th!
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Was born in august! Love this! Really stunning
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Being an augustii child, this obviously appeals to me! :happybounce: 
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