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Conan el barbaro y Cassie Hack crossover

Conan the Barbarian and Cassie Hack crossover

Cassie Hack  viaja a través del tiempo a la Era Hiboria y conoce al famoso cimerio
Cassie Hack travels across  time to the Hyborian Age and she meets with the famous cimmerian


Escaleras/stairs: Steps PNG..
Templo/temple: Building - Temple Of Megaera Ruins 03
Cielo/sky: Daylight Moon..
Árboles/Trees: Evergreen-set of 3
Luces/lights: misc bg element png
Estautas/statues: (2) Lady Statues Part 1 PNG
Conan: hecho por mí /made by me
Cassie Hack: hecha por mí/made by me

¡Muchas gracias!/ Thank you very much!

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¡Buen trabajo! :)
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¡Muchas gracias!
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Not bad. :)

Are they going to kill some undead sorcerer or Thing That Should Not Be together?
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Thoth-Amon and the Stygian god Set are waiting for Cassie Hack:) (Smile) 
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I can see Cassie giving Thoth-Amon one in the junk. :XD:
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