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You thought we could trust a fox without a muzzle?



Well I haven't watched Zootopia... and I belive the media is (or was?) overhyped becuase of the movie... but I discovered the original script, and God, I love it... such drama, darkness and sadness... I remember when I was a kid, kid's movies would show us dark themes from the real life and we where able to live happily after that.. dunno why they changed the movie - they said it was to dark and that they hated that world, but I'm pretty sure they said it just to make happy Disney's CEO, since the true reason must be that Disney  didn't wanted to risk anything and they just went with a more commercial version (I repeat I haven't seen the movie).

This drawing was heavily inspired by  J Shute Norway's fanfiction (I don't know how to contact the author without making an account so.. if anyone knows I would like to thanks it's work)


Nick's dream of being a ranger scout was about to became true, but reality had other plans... the kids decided to muzzled him since a pred can't be trusted, since pred is dangerous.... 

Nick's anguish and sadness triggered the collar's max level of punishment, making him scream in pain and fear while his body started to convulse, while his mind didn't know in what to focus: the dreadful muzzle and the humilation or the cruel device attached to his neck...

After that he wouldn't want to know anything about the ranger scouts... after that the word muzzle would be forbidden in his house... after that everytime he where muzzled the memories would come back and make him revive the scene....

"What did I do wrong, you guys? Help! Please, what did I do wrong? What did I do?"
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When this movie's trailer came out, I fell in love with it. But I didn't expect the racism and bullying, two things I hate more than anything. After this move came out, I desired more Anthro animals, and I resorted to fan fiction and other Anthro animal stories. I was planning to write a Zootopia fan fiction, but I realized that it was too great to be a mere internet story, so I decided to write a novel of Anthro animals, a story with the most realistic Anthro animals you can imagine, and a world where the words predator and prey don't exist.…