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Dutch Renault FT by Escodrion Dutch Renault FT :iconescodrion:Escodrion 3 2 The Insurgent by Escodrion The Insurgent :iconescodrion:Escodrion 8 9 Landscapes by Escodrion Landscapes :iconescodrion:Escodrion 4 4 Flag Map of Europe by Escodrion Flag Map of Europe :iconescodrion:Escodrion 10 2 Carro Veloce 29 by Escodrion Carro Veloce 29 :iconescodrion:Escodrion 4 4 [WIP] World Map - Commonwealth Triumphant by Escodrion [WIP] World Map - Commonwealth Triumphant :iconescodrion:Escodrion 4 0 E7-7 Mechanized Flamethrower by Escodrion E7-7 Mechanized Flamethrower :iconescodrion:Escodrion 5 0 Italian Renault FT by Escodrion Italian Renault FT :iconescodrion:Escodrion 9 10 Tractor-Tank WB-3 by Escodrion Tractor-Tank WB-3 :iconescodrion:Escodrion 7 2 PZInz 403 Lux-Sport by Escodrion PZInz 403 Lux-Sport :iconescodrion:Escodrion 2 0 Lincoln No. 1 Machine by Escodrion Lincoln No. 1 Machine :iconescodrion:Escodrion 2 4 Lest we forget by Escodrion Lest we forget :iconescodrion:Escodrion 5 1 Wireless Communications Tank by Escodrion Wireless Communications Tank :iconescodrion:Escodrion 6 4 [WIP] Europe by Escodrion [WIP] Europe :iconescodrion:Escodrion 3 8 [WIP] Commonwealth Map by Escodrion [WIP] Commonwealth Map :iconescodrion:Escodrion 3 2 Trying to draw a Soldier by Escodrion Trying to draw a Soldier :iconescodrion:Escodrion 1 0

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Most of Mainland East Asia has been added to the Commonwealth Triumphant map.

Here's the full world map in its current state:
[WIP] World Map - Commonwealth Triumphant by Escodrion

The states are:
- Japan
- Korea
- China
- Siam
Colonial Possessions:
- Commonwealth
    - Siberia
    - Jaxa
    - Green Ruthenia
    - Buryatia
    - Yakutia
    - Luoravetia
    - Dalian Concession
- United Kingdom
    - Burma
    - Malaya
    - Weihaiwei Concession
    - Hong Kong Concession
- France
    - Tonkin
    - Laos
    - Annam
    - Cambodia
    - Cochinchina
    - Changhai Concession
    - Kouang Tscheou Wang Concession
- United Provinces
    - Pescadores
    - Amoy Concession
- Westphalia
    - Kiautschou Concession
- Lombardy
    - Ningpo Concession
- Austria
    - Futschou Concession
- Tientsin International Concession

And here's the [WIP] interactive map:
The Commonwealth has been divided into the Crown, the Grand Duchies, other duchies, other states and colonies on my Commonwealth Triumphant map.

The states are:
- The Crown of Poland
- The Duchy of Prussia
- The Grand Duchy of Lithuania
- The Duchy of Livonia
- The Grand Duchy of Ruthenia
- The Duchy of White Ruthenia
- The Don Hetmanate
- The Crimean Khanate
- The Grand Duchy of Moscow
- The Grand Duchy of Karelia
- The Grand Duchy of Perm
- The Kazan Khanate
- The Crown Lands of Siberia
Far East colonies:
- The State of Jaxa
- The State of Green Ruthenia
- The State of Buryatia
- The Crown Colony of Yakutia
- The Crown Colony of Luoravetia
Overseas colonies:
- The Crown Colony of Alaska
- The Crown Colony of Morska Wola
- The Curonian Colonies of Iera and New Courland
- The Crown Colony of Madagascar
- The Crown Colony of Cameroon
- The Curonian Colony of the Gambia

Here's the European part:
[WIP] Europe by Escodrion

Here's the full world map in its current state:
[WIP] World Map - Commonwealth Triumphant by Escodrion

And here's the [WIP] interactive map:
The African and Middle Eastern portions of my Commonwealth Triumphant map have been completed.

Here's the full world map in its current state:
[WIP] World Map - Commonwealth Triumphant by Escodrion

And here's the [WIP] interactive map:

Special thanks to grimjes for helping me figure out some of the colonies.
I finally finished off the European part of my Commonwealth Triumphant map.

This is what Europe looks like:
[WIP] Europe by Escodrion

And this is it in relation to the rest of the world:
[WIP] World Map - Commonwealth Triumphant by Escodrion

As a little bonus, here is a flag map of Europe:
Flag Map of Europe by Escodrion

And a link to the [WIP] interactive map:
I once made this animation of the flag of the Kingdom of Jerusalem

Now I'm seriously considering making them part of the Commonwealth Triumphant world


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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
I am first and foremost a world builder, most of what I create has something to do with one of my worlds. My main world is Escodrion, set in many points in time, therefore some of what I create for it shows different eras in Escodrion's history and there is no present on Escodrion.
I am also a self-taught linguist, I learnt linguistics through creating languages for Escodrion. My main language, Enterdese boasts a vocabulary large enough for everyday communication, but there is, as ever, room for improvement.
I have also dabbled in game modification, although nothing particularly fancy there.


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withinamnesia Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey I was wondering - how much are you interested thinking really deep about alternate history. Also in such a crucible of politics and world ambition what would the tanks look like if the world was just a tiny bit different; like say if Poland focused on an arms build up in the interwar period:

If Poland had a better military budget that was more than less than ~1% of GDP during the interwar years (I had to do a lot of math to get that figure) and say there was a strong drive in Poland for future warfare and heavy industry that was going on in Germany and the U.S.S.R. at the time (say if Poland had a mature heavy Industry and a better position at the start of World War II)[hey this is better than just saying what if Poland worked harder in 1939 which everyone else does >.>].

Including to know:
Finland encounters the KV-1, SMK and T-100 in the winter war late 1939, early 1940.…

German Intelligence of the Red Army's Tanks include an under-tuned SMK (this might be similar to Poland's Intelligence of the Red Army's Tanks):…

Hitler might have invaded France first (and Poland second in 1940):…

Okay so here is my big question (that without the above context would make no logical sense):
What would Poland's Answer look like to the KV-1 in late 1939-early 1940? If Habich had a proper heavy tank plant that had the steel foundries like what U.S.A. helped the U.S.S.R. build in the interwar period. What would a logical man draft for a Polish answer to the KV-1; the most advanced (known) tank in the world and threat to the Polish nation in 1940.
Escodrion Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
The easy answer would be something like this: 
[FAKE] Heavy Tank - 45tp wz. 42 by Escodrion
This is (supposedly) one of Edward Habich's designs for a Polish medium/heavy tank. It was designed around 1939 as PZInż's design for the 20/25TP project.

It has a 90 mm gun (90 mm wz. 39S), weighs around 45t, has a 650 hp engine and a top speed of around 35 km/h.

The thing is, in the scenario I'm picturing most of my tanks in, neither Russia nor Germany is a problem (Russia hasn't existed as a separate entity since 1618) and Germany never unified. More info is available here (although it's still very under construction): commonwealth-triumphant.weebly…
withinamnesia Featured By Owner Edited Oct 4, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Yeah, that is a Wargaming invention that (although tempting) has many faults and hindsight 'inventions' that were rammed into it.

I worked on the Polish tank tree for World of Tanks and there are quite a few tanks that were 'saved' (>.>) for probably a medium branch. I have everything archived and I have discovered a few historical Polish tanks. Such as the T-34/100 (1955):
Polish T-34/100 (1955) by withinamnesia

Actually there is a true 22-25 tonne Polish medium tank from 1939 of which that 'Wargaming invention' is based on (which took years of passionate hard work for the Polish community to reconstruct):… .

Please, the 25TP Habich is a special tank for Poland. The 25TP Habich is on par in terms of historical national significance with the P.26/40 for Italy and the Chi-Ri for Japan.

If you have not done this vehicle it is a must do. There was a wooden mock up built right before Poland capitulated and no photographs are known to exist (thus the painstaking reconstruction from patents and post war interviews).

The 22-25TP Habich has a few guns, the 75 mm gun on that 7TP tank destroyer (75 mm wz. 1897) would be a prime suspect for a historical mounting as well as the 40 mm Bofors (40 mm wz. 1936 as found on the 20/25TP K.S.U.S.T.). The long 75 mm gun would most likely be a prototype in 1940 that would be planned to go into production around 1941 to defeat KV-1 and (by then T-34/76) tanks.

So here are the gun variants of the 25TP Habich:
- Prototypes: 40 mm wz. 1936…
- First Series: 75 mm wz. 1897…
- 'Future' Series: 75 mm wz. 1922/24…

The KV-1 with the U-11 (early Model 1939 variant) weighs around 45 tonnes… (War thunder Adds a tonne of weight in general to vehicles thus the 46 tonnes combat loaded).

Polish 45TP Thoughts
So being a stressed Polish war time engineer from being invaded in 1940 being our creative perspective and with occam's razor being our guide:

If Poland were to 'beef up' the historical 25TP Habich medium tank with 75 mm of armour (KV-1 standard) into a 45TP heavy tank variant to counter the KV-1 a new engine past the 300 hp engine used in the 25TP Habich (and 25TP K.S.U.S.T.) would be needed. I thought of this 45TP in 2017 while I was working with the Polish community on the medium line for Poland (as well as a few other yet Cold War heavy tanks based on reports like the IS-3-152 and a conjectured Tiger II 152). Wargaming might have looked into the 45TP (to link their heavy tank tree together) on the private message board while I was working with the Polish community.

A war time solution for the 45TP would be to copy of the 500 hp diesel engine from either the KV-1 or T-34 tanks since Poland does not have a company like Maybach and Poland has historically copied or license produced foreign heavy duty engines for their tanks. Although the first prototypes would be forced to 'make do' with the 300 hp engine from the 25TP Habich and perhaps (if Poland had a better prewar arms build up) a Model 1938/39 25TP K.S.U.S.T. medium tank.

The main armament of this '45TP' would have to be the 75 mm wz. 1922/24 (the only available Polish anti-tank gun that can reliably punch through the KV-1's armour and fit in the turret). Although the first prototypes would most likely be equipped an interim solution with 75 mm wz. 1897 or maybe even the (by then) obsolete 40 mm Bofors wz. 1936 as the Polish heavy industry retools to mass produce the 75 mm wz. 1922/24 (much like the story of Jagdtiger mit 8,8 cm Kw.K. 43 L/71; a shortage of guns at the beginning due to factory retooling). Does this make logical sense Bernard?
Escodrion Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm well aware that it's Wargaming's invention, hence the [FAKE] label on it. However that doesn't really mean I can't use it for my timeline, a lot of my tanks have rather strange what-if origins, like this 14TP-D tank destroyer:

[FAKE] Self-Propelled AT Gun - 14tp D by Escodrion

It borrows heavily from designs like the American Howitzer Motor Carriage M8 and M10 Wolverine and is based on someone's musings on what a tank like that might look like.

I do have an illustration of Habich's 25TP:

[ARTIST'S IMPRESSION] Medium Tank - 25tp wz. 42 by Escodrion

It has the 75 mm wz. 1922/24 gun and I also have a variant with the 47mm wz. 39 (which was the gun used on the 14TP) on my web page which I've forgotten to upload here: commonwealth-triumphant.weebly…

From the little information I could find, the two prototypes version would have had the 47mm wz. 39 and then a custom built 60mm gun until finally deciding to adopt the 75mm wz. 1922/24.

You're right, the 45TP would definitely need a new and better engine and in my version the 45TP wz. 1942 has a 650 hp engine and the 45TP wz. 1944 has a 750 hp engine. As for the gun, I think the Polish license-built copy of the French 90 mm Anti-Air gun (90 mm wz. 39S) would be a good fit and would most likely also be able to punch through the armour of a KV-1. More stats are available in the specifications drop down menus here: commonwealth-triumphant.weebly…
(1 Reply)
Escodrion Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh no my account got posessed by a tiny cute creature! :o
Brodudethagod Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2018  Hobbyist
I get it your polish but can you make some things for other countries besides Poland, your amazing at this and would like to see more.
Escodrion Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks! If you're referring to the tanks, I have a few that are from other countries, but only in WWI. If you'd like something in particular I can try and draw it. I like to draw obscure tanks especially and I don't really like going past WWII. When I finish my Polish arsenal (I still have quite a bit to do: tractors, artillery pieces, armoured trains, potentially aircraft) I will probably move on to something else and I also do illustrations for Tank Encyclopedia sometimes ( so whenever I do I usually post it here.
Kondrikthus Featured By Owner Jan 3, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Many thanks for the favorites!
MarkAlexValdendorf Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2017
Happy Birthday!
Escodrion Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks! :)
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