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CLIP Paint Butterfly Brush

A butterfly pattern brush I threw together since I couldn't find a suitable one online...
This brush can be used in CLIP Studio Paint EX/PRO. A quick and dirty fix for anyone who can't be bothered to draw lots of butterflies haahaa

1. Download the brush by clicking the "Download" button on the right
2. Unzip the brush and put it somewhere easy to find
3. In CLIP Studio Paint, right click on any subtool and select "Import Brush Subtool"
4. Select the unzipped brush
5. Done!
© 2014 - 2021 Escente
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Thank you so much for this!~^-^)/*

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Beautiful! Thank you!

you are GODSokka's wave thank you

How neat! Thank you

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Oh my, I absolutely love butterflies!! This is perfect so thank you so much. :love:

Also counting the fact that I have butterflies as my current Firefox theme and laptop sticker.
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used it here: Frozen Butterfly

tyvm for this brush i love it so much! ♥
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This is just what I was looking for! Thanks for sharing :D
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This is great! Thank you!
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knowing this series, the blue butterflies touched my makoto
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thanks for sharing 
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thank you! this is so coool
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;-; I can't open .rar files and my comp doesn't work with WinRAR
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Thanks! I always love to see people willing to share their brushes. I have a couple of my own I need to put up, just not sure how lol :)
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Put the brush in a zip file and upload it with a preview image! ^^
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