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The Reaper- Artdoll



The Reaper is a being made of dark emotions, a cunning predator and trickster. Forever grinning it lure humans to look into the dept of the mirrors dangling from its horns, and thats the end of it - the human soul will get eternally trapped in the mirror, slowly devoured by the Reaper; a mortifying death of spirit while maintaining the monsters continued existence and harvesting of more souls.


The Reaper is now my love child, hahaha. If you know me you do also know I love skeleton creatures, and Ive proured so insanely much time and effort into this dude, all them details,  for instance every single crevise of the skull is sculpted, nothing just painted on, the bony hands and fingers that are bendable, the open ribbcage, and he is big! At least compared to my previous dolls, his head is about dubble the size, dunno what happened there really. :XD: Im super proud of him, it was a blast to create this bundle of doom. I hope you like him to. <3

The Reaper is a completely handmade and original, ooak (one of a kind) artdoll made by me - its head is sculpted out of super sculpey, casted in resin for durability and painted with small brushes. The horns are original super sculpey that Ive sculpted onto its head, while the arms, fingers, legs, ribbcage and open belly is made of epoxy clay and painted, the belly is also glossed to look really wet and bloody. Its body is formed and furred with the softest faux fur that Ive carefully trimmed. The Reaper is a semi-posable doll/sculpture; neck, hands, fingers and tail can be posed but he is not a toy to play around with! This guy will feel the best to be placed in a nice spot and marveled over. :)  Ive put countless hours, love and soul into making this doll, and there will never be any other like it. 

Height:  30cm - 11.8 inches

Art © 2016 Linda Escaron Lundqvist all rights reserved 
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looks like the skull of a coldydarth

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Ohhh inte illa 😮
rubixcuby's avatar
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I feel like i'm having Deja Vu.
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I've said this a million times in the past but your imagination and craftsmanship never cease to amaze me. Like... every little detail in this fits the big picture, the skull (which looks absolutely astonishing), the exposed bones, the jewelry, the messy fur... no words can describe how beautiful this doll is. You say you're super proud of him, and you should be! You should be super ultra proud of him!
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Thank you a million times over and over again for this wonderful compliment. It truly mean a lot! ❤❤❤
SweetJalapeno's avatar
Oh my god it's amazing! *>*
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Thank you sooooooooooooooooooooo much!!!!!!
TheIvoryFalcon's avatar
Damn dude. This looks really damn cool, I love the little story/lore it has too
Escaron's avatar
Thank you soooo much!!! :hug: :heart:
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Be still my beating heart, this guy...! You can really tell how much time and attention you've lavished on The Reaper; I see your skill in every part of him. Spectacularly splendid work, as per usual! Give up the good work, and thank you so much for sharing it with us all!
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;_____________________; Thank you sooooooooooooooooo much for all these kind words!!! Gaaaah let me hug you forever more!!!! :iconsupertighthugplz: x eternity!!!!!
Lupus-Incidus's avatar
AMAZING :D It looks fantastic, I love it! Well done! :D
Escaron's avatar
Thank you so much!!! :tighthug: :heart:
Lupus-Incidus's avatar
You're very welcome :D
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Nice attention to detail, an interesting creature, I would buy it myself if I had the money. Good luck with selling
Escaron's avatar
Thank you SO much!!!!! And it sold to a wonderful home! :love:
StorybookCreatures's avatar
Sweet nibblets. What a wonderful amount of detail~ I love all the variation on color on the bones, such depth. This is definitely the coolest doll you've made so far. I want him. xD Good luck selling him!
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Thank you SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much!!!!!!!!! SUPERHUG!!!! And thank you! He will be going to Norway and his new home soon! :love: 
StorybookCreatures's avatar
Oooo! Norway! Happy to hear that. (: And you're welcome! I always love your work. 💙
GrimmSkulltheMad's avatar
If I saw something like this in a store, I would buy it in a heart pop!
Escaron's avatar
You are so kind! That mean super much to me! ;tighthug: :heart: Also I LOVE the word "heart pop" hahaha :love:
GrimmSkulltheMad's avatar
your welcome! and what I meant by pop was... well let's put it this way...
Exploding Heart 
Escaron's avatar
Hahahahahahahah XDDDDDDDDD THIS is just fantastic!!!!!
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