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October 3, 2014
Masked: Soul Dancer - Sculpture by Escaron  "This is a thing of beauty and interest. The design is stellar, delicate, intriguing, and foreign. This really is an amazing piece, and the concept is well executed."
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Masked: Soul Dancer - Sculpture

I ask you all to bow your heads before the oldest entety of all the Masked - the Soul Dancer, keeper of life and death, carrier of souls. They are invisible to the human eye for they are spirits, moving like wind and shadows over the lands. Sometime you can catch a glimps of them, like a sudden shudder over a still lake, a flicker of light in the dark of the forest, a warm breeze in the middle of winter. They are always there, watching, waiting - for seasons to change, years to pass and souls to be released.
When someone dies the Soul Dancer gather the soul of that being in its silver cage. The soul start of as a cocoon but as time pass by it mature and when the time is right it hatch into a beautiful butterfly. And when ready it fly off to get born again - and so the never ending circle of life continue until the end of eternity.

MADE OF: The Soul Dancer is a OOAK sculpture, entirely handmade by me (those scales take raaaather long to make one by one and place :D). She is sculpted in super sculpey and painted with acrylics. It doesnt show that good in the picture but all the dark blue parts has a gold hue so she gleam and sparkle when turning. The cage Ive made in 2 different sizes of silver wire.

Height: 30cm (11,8 inches)

This guys is how I doodle. I wanted to make something "fast" and easy between my bigger projects so yeah... I had lots of fun making this one, she is now my fave amongst the Masked, probably because I love deer/stag creature, antlers and long legs so much! :love: :D 

Other view: 
The Soul Dancer - Sculpture by Escaron

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Art & Design & the Masked species, Soul Dancer (c) Me - Escaron     
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© 2014 - 2021 Escaron
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Ruby2015's avatar

Mystic and beautifully done

Escaron's avatar
mariepony's avatar
Can I make a character with this species? Qwq so cool buddy.

(I will respect if not since is your species, and I respect your decision)
Escaron's avatar
Aaaah I really prefer if you dont. Im sorry. Im just so very fond of this creature, and I wanna keep her for myself. I hope thats ok for you. Im super happy that you like her so much and Im also so very thankful that you ask about it. I feel bad for saying no but I simply cant say yes. >___<
mariepony's avatar
Np, don't worry, I really understand but plz keep up with the good work :3 I enjoy it a lot qwq ❤
Escaron's avatar
Aah thank you SOOOO much!!!! And for taking it so well and understanding! Thanks a ton! Superhug to you!!!!!! :iconsupertighthugplz: And I will do my best!!! 
mariepony's avatar
💖💖💖 x3
Bomi-Bun's avatar
LOL, is that comic sans in your insignia?
Escaron's avatar
In my what? My stamp thingie? XD
Escaron's avatar
powder-sugar's avatar

Like my jaw dropped right when I zoomed in lol :wow:
Escaron's avatar
Wow, thank you sooooooo much!!!! :tighthug: :heart: :heart: 
powder-sugar's avatar
You're very welcome!! ^^
The-Wandering-Bird's avatar
This is so awesome! :D I love all the detail as well as the backstory to this amazing creature.
Escaron's avatar
Thank you SO much!!!!!! :tighthug: :heart:
LaraeDeboh's avatar
Very very cool and elegant!!!:happybounce: Clap Clap 
Escaron's avatar
;___; Thank you so incredibly much!!! :iconaawplz: :heart:
fallacygalaxy's avatar
I love how the horns/antlers have the little cage(?) hanging on them. What a pretty creature!
Escaron's avatar
Thank you SO much!!! :tighthug: :heart:
Escaron's avatar
♡♥♡♥ Thanks a ton!
ShadowHellHoundz's avatar
How are you doing? Is life well for you?

Have you ever encountered a particular species of Creature called a Zazeu? It's just because that's the species my Spiritual companion is and he's very secretive. He also happens to personally know Corona and has encountered him a few times. My companion goes by the name Valhulde (a with the two dots over it, beside each other).
Escaron's avatar
Hi there! Im.... doing. XD Life is not well. But then again it hasnt been for an aaaawfully long time. But Im struggling on. ^^

Ive actaully never heard of these Zazeu... or......  now when I say it it DO feel like I know them. O__o Okay maybe this sound totally crazy now but I have to take that back and say yes I know this species, or at least a part of me does, I feel it. I think Corona might have given me my subconsciousness the info! And I must say your companion has a very beautiful name. <3   
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