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Masked: Lost Soul - WIP Sculpture

By Escaron
Since Ive been working on this guy back and forth since last May I figured its time to show a WIP of him, even if its super much work left to do. Im not even done with the sculpting. :faint: Also cause the Masked Design Contest just ended I figured Id post something with a Masked. 8D 


Ive been mentioning for a while that theres 2 kinds of Masked, them of light and them of darkness. In the dark category belong the ones who were born light but turned dark for different reasons, but theres also another kind, the ones being born corrupt. This above is one of them, namely the oldest, most dangerous and vicious of them all, the Lost Soul. 
This being is the nemesis of the Soul Dancers (seen below) - while these gentle Masked collect the souls of the dead after they depart and carry them until they mature and can start another life in a new living being again, the Lost Soul steal these souls from the Soul Dancers, taint them and give birth to corrupted souls, people destinied for evil.
Lost Soul once looked more like a real Masked but the more human souls it prayed upon its essence melted togheter with the human spirits and the memoies of their bodies. Thats why it now has lost its true spirit form and look like a undeveloped mix between a animal and a human, with the memorys of flesh, skin and bones oozing from the humans trapped souls and into the Masked. What he once looked like in his pure state theres no one to remember. 
More disturbing yet is the fact that the Lost Soul can taint the very essence of other Masked and corrupt them as well. When these kind of battles between light and dark occur nature disasters rip over our earth, and if the corrupted Masked leave victorious nature scream in agony and something is forever lost. And if you now are thinking that light always overcome darkness, look around you and think again... 

Masked: Soul Dancer - Sculpture by Escaron The Soul Dancer


Random side info! :dummy: 
Do you know how it feel to have a Lost Soul stare into your room on the second floor in the middle of night. Watching its breath hit the windows glas in cold white sprays? I do. Its pretty hard to go back to sleep after that... 

© 2015 Linda Escaron Lundqvist all rights reserved.
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Bracey100's avatar
The flaking skin makes this even more creepy than the exposed ribs.
Escaron's avatar
Thank you!!!
Oxinthacy's avatar
What materials did you use to make this?
Escaron's avatar
super sculpey
toeki's avatar
did you use a dead rabbit as reference  for the body?
Escaron's avatar
No. Haha Ive never looked at a dead rabbit ever actually. I just made it up from my mind. Does it look like a dead rabbit? :D
toeki's avatar
yes, a bit..though maybe the build of muscles over bone is similar in a lot of animals....
 you seem to have a very interesting mind  ;)
 i saw dead , skinned bunnys  often as a child, because my father is breeding them, and (for example on christmas), they were slaughtered and made into dinner. i often watched the skinning and preparation.
Escaron's avatar
Hahaha interesting or mad. XD Or both! 8D 

Aaaah I see! Ive only seen fish getting skinned and prepared. At least irl. :D But the rest Ive seen in various documentaries. 
pin100's avatar
This is freaking AWESOME! Clap Clap Clap 
Escaron's avatar
;u; Thank you sooooooooooooooooooooo much!!!! :iconaawplz: :heart: 
pin100's avatar
The design of it is so cooooooooooooooooool! :hug: :happybounce:
ART-fromthe-HEART's avatar
O__O Woah, what a creature! I'd hate to be staring down this guy...creepy and cool at the same time! :fear: The way you layered the peeling skin is so amazing. It really looks like  he's decaying as he walks. Those ribs too! :la:
Escaron's avatar
Thank you sooooo much!!!!! :iconaawplz: :heart: He start to get finished now so soon I can show his full splendor. Hahahah
ART-fromthe-HEART's avatar
YAAAAYYY! I can't wait! :la:
morphious2012's avatar
Absolutely amazing. Bravo.
Escaron's avatar
Thanks you SO much! <333
spid3rshark's avatar
I feel sorry who ever adopted this poor soul xD
Escaron's avatar
Hahahaha, he wont let himself be adopted, he only posses people. >8D 
Rangeh's avatar
He can possess me any day @_@ whhhat sorta payment plans do you offer on perfection?
Escaron's avatar
Hahahaha okay. XD I take any kind of payment plans. ^^ But I dunno if I ever will be able to ship this dude off, I mean, like he look in this pic sure but right now he has.... evolved and... weeeeell you will see when I show his final pics. I dont think I could ever send him and keep him intact, the post is SO friggin uncareful. 
Rangeh's avatar
I dunno man, encased in stuffing might work? Heheh. Stamp that box with FRAGILE FRAGILE FRAGILE!
Escaron's avatar
Ooooh trust me Ive done that and written fragile over the whole package in big bold letter and the packages still arrive smashed and teared but with the art intact cause they arent usually insanely fragile like this one will be. The only way would be like... putting it in a box with lots of stuffing and then take a huge box and put the smaller box inside and fill that upp with stuffing to, then maybe it would work, but only maybe. Haha 
Rangeh's avatar
Hmmm. Perhaps. Plans must be made. Resilience must be tested.. Swifter transit shipping is often more carefully treated as the box doesn't get as much abuse through the long term journey? I'm willing to pay off the extra shipping cost+weight too, hahah. It'd only be fair.
Brainstorms must be done.
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