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The prequel to Team Chemical X...

The Rowdyruff Boys Story - Page 000 [COVER] by Escarietson, visual art

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The names Escarietson The Zealot-son. The creator of Team Chemical X, a fan-made alternative universe continuation/revival of the Powerpuff Girls (the original 1998 series by Craig McCracken) that brings the Rowdyruff Boys into the light side of the city of Townsville.

Be advised: I'm Autistic with Aspergers, so be polite when talking to me or commenting on my content (no matter what it is) and be respectful/understanding about my disabilities, I don't take kindly to braindead bigots, scatterbrain supremacists, narcissistic nitpickers, and people who criticize without constructive considerations or any other form of politeness at all. I am extremely sensitive...

I got not only a taste (or appreciation I should say) in many art styles like anime among many others but also for 3D CAD models to say the very least. I've been gawking at many DeviantArt artworks and such, so I thought, why not join the 'outcasts' (the word 'deviant' is a synonym of 'outcast' isn't it, sorta?), since they DO have some awesome artwork by fans that give official works a run for the profits.

So what does this 'weeabo' do asides from gawk at anime you may ask me? Well, first things first, I classify myself as an 'japanophilia' or maybe an 'otaku' to some people out there on the webs, because the Japanese do have some interesting things that I appreciate and respect, and since I have no ill-view of others who have different tastes in other things including art, so could we please be a little more respectful here? I don't hate your tastes, so don't hate mine, okay? Well aside from a lot of anime styled art and such things, I do have a taste in cosplay and 3D modeling, or more accurately, 3D printing.

Cosplay? Oh great another geek... Like the 'obsession' of Japanese things, theres nothing shameful about it. Cosplay shows not only your fandom, but also shows your commitment and appreciation. And to be honest, like online pictures, there DOES exist good cosplay! You just have to look in the right spot... Even though I haven't actually cosplayed at all (yet), the one thing I do love is not only the costumes but also the props that go into them, there like the toys I wanted when I was a kid!

3D printing, uh what? Yep, the one thing that many saw as a dream in the old days of yore is now actually a reality, in hobbies! I have done some 3D printing and learned many things about it, most notably the patience and persistence it indefinitely offers. Before then I tried hobby wood crafting and foam core shaping, but then went high tech! One of the biggest things about 3D printing that got me hooked was the cosplay props you can print from them! Knowledge is power, or in this case its "knowledge is satisfaction (to your inner child)!"

I do have interests in other things like audio and video, but those are not rather important here... I'm here for the artsy-fartsy things! Passion can be displayed in art and shared with care and love!

Favourite Visual Artist
So many...
Favourite Movies
Not much...
Favourite TV Shows
The Powerpuff Girls (1998 Classic + Z), among a few others both American and Japanese...
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Anything that sounds good by anyone.
Favourite Books
Very few...
Favourite Games
Too many to list...
Favourite Gaming Platform
Xbox, Nintendo.
Tools of the Trade
Mac Mini, Creality CR-10S. Affinity Designer/Photo, Blender, Ultimaker Cura.

Read the rules first (It's not gonna kill you)!

Escarietson's Commenting Code of Conduct by Escarietson, journal

Say good-bye to your empire's flagship and your final chance of survival Trump! Your end is coming along with your family and army of lemmings (along with the Republican Party)...!
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Like father like son, a complete and total dumbshit. Genetics!
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I'll be honest here; if any insurrectionists show up at the capitol tomorrow to violently demand "justice" for their arrested allies, just shoot them all dead without mercy or hesitation, since all of them are too far gone to be saved, like their poltical party. America must not allow these domestic terrorists to sow the seeds of chaos and division. #Jan6NeverAgain #GOPBetrayedAmerica #ArrestTrumpNow #AbolishTheGOP
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The Delta Variant could possibly be deadlier.

Thanks a lot ya damn Republicans

Same could be said for the Jan 6 insurrection they incited and lied about thanks to Trump, and also that they blocked the bipartisan commission into it along with passing voter suppression laws and so much more!

An Epsilon variant of covid is more likely than ever thanks to them... Fucking tyrants...

Please don't spam "Thanks for the fav!" comments on my profile.

I'm sorry, it wasn't intended as spam. It's just something I do in order to show people appreciate them taking the time to fave my art, asides from just giving a llama and such.

If you do not want people thanking you for faves/watches etc. in your comment section, I'd advise you to pin/feature one of your own comments saying that you do not wish people thanking you for faves at the top of your comment section. In my experience, people here respect that and refrain from doing so. At least I do, whenever I see them at the top of a comment section =)

Can you do a redraw this in your PPG style?

Anybody wants to re-draw this scene?