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My Office

New photo posted!

Dell 2007W" with ergotron arms
Westinghouse 42"
Dell 19" (not shown)
Custom built rig:
Intel 6600 Overclocked to 2.8
Asus Deluxe mobo
4gb ram
Nvidia 7950GTX
1.5TB Harddrive space
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Wow! It seems like an expert office.
I havent read all of the comments but I highly recommend you get a 30" monitor rather than a 42" TV. The monitor has more pixels in a smaller space due to the higher resolution of 2560 x 1600 which makes the monitor far superior than a tv and you won't ruin your eyes since its made for close viewing (I guess).
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u lucky sun of a gun...have fun
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PARADISE do exist!
pinkymarija's avatar
Lucky bitch! that's such a sexy office :D
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Very simple and very neat. Dang! Now I need to redo my office.

Looks great!
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you forgot to mention the dumb bell and Curl bar. ;)
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lets trade please. i want your office!! i only have a "tiny" 19" widescreen with 1440*900. I hate it now.
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Nice office, but I don't think you have enough screen real estate :) 42" man! I just got a 24" and thought that was huge.
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I should ad good on you for not being a mac monkey.
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you know what I like the most about that office space? The barbell and dumbells on the floor.
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lol - yep - gotta have them near whenever i hit a creative block... nothing better than a quick workout session to get your blood moving through your brain.
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man i love your set up. i need a new desk haha
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gosh.. such a dream office.. i had told my brother that probably i will get a desktop with 32 inch flat screen to work on projects and my now laptop just for researching and editing.. he thought i was insane.. looks like i'm not after all.. but you're sure a busy man.. u deserve it dude! keep going!! :clap:
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I want your office!

Want to swap?
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holy fuck. bigass screens are great but i would constantly be like "FUCK I LOST THE MOUSE POINTER AGAIN" lol

gonna have to make some money before i have that problem though...

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Impressive workplace! :)
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Impressive! I like that. Same mouse as me I think.
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if its the revolution MX then yep, it is - which is an amazing amazing mouse btw, definitely worth it. that + my wacom tablet handle anything that I could possibly need until touchscreen devices come into play.
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Very nice, but do you really keep your laptop there? rolling a chair like that on carpet must seem pretty annoying.
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yeah actually - tough to tell from the distortion... but there's actually plenty of space even with the laptop - granted, a good deal of the time it's closed or sitting in my car; but even when it's there it's a pretty spacious desk area and I've still got tons of room to fit drawing boards and the like.

As far as the carpet goes - I don't roll often, so having the chair pretty much locked into place helps to keep me from pushing away from the desk.
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