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Urd AH my Goddess .COPIC.

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Published: August 15, 2009
© 2009 - 2019 escafan
******* E D I T *******


I made this Urd and World of Elegance (her angel) with Copic Marker on Bristol Canson paper.
Sized 11.5" x 16.5" (A3 size)

I used a little white gouach paint (on black hair and black wing)
I used pink watercolor to make the background.

See here the progress photo:
[link] finished

Urd © Ah! My goddess .Kosuke Fujishima.
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DrawWithPieNew Deviant

that is sooo beatiful :D they are very pretty, good artwork :D

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Sid150502New Deviant

So good

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Keitarou-senpaiHobbyist General Artist

Super! I like the Ah Megami-sama series, one of my fav <3

Faces so close to original works by Fujishima-san! Very cool!

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SephirahCresentHobbyist Traditional Artist
:O whoa
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Gorgeous.   I love the Goddess anime series.
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MauroAugusHobbyist Traditional Artist
My god this is beautiful...
Somethings special on these lines...
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LightArcIndumatiHobbyist Writer
Really beautiful.
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OutOfAllTheStarlingsHobbyist Traditional Artist

One of things i cant do in art... also love ur art!

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Love it your so talented your amazing ❤️
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UltrainstinctstegaStudent Artist
This is magnificent
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kirika85Hobbyist Traditional Artist
its a wonderful one
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Cool art very nicely done
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Human Sunset Shimmer: So, let me gert this straight...Evileena from the Linkaraverse is actually Urd. After Linkara destroyed the old universe, she was sent back through time and space, was reborn in the Linkaraverse as Evileena, she has no memory of being a half-angel or any memory of her past life, yet she still knows that she's the Devil's daughter.

Belldandy: Correct!

Human Sunset Shimmer: The same Devil that Linkara killed, but then is somehow still alive in the Linkaraverse, with no memory of the old universe or any memory of Linkara killing him.

Belldandy: Correct again!

Human Sunset Shimmer: And the reason none of you, not you, not dad, not Aunt Skuld, ever told me this is because...

Belldandy: Sunset...Yukina...I'm the last remaining angel from Heaven. Yet I consorted with the daughter of Satan. I went as far as call her my sister, even though she's not actually related to me or Skuld. Do you honestly think that's something to be proud of? I have to live every day of my life dealing with that fact gnawing sat my insides. I have to facethe fact that the forces of darkness lived under my same room and I was too blind to see it.

Human Sunset Shimmer: It's OK, mom, I understand...

Belldandy: I don't think you do. Your Pony counterpart was merely corrupted by the power of the Diamond Tiara. That is why you forgave her so easily. Urd isn't like that. Urd is what she is. As far as I'm concerned, Urd is dead, and we are all better off without her. She's Linkara's problem now.

Human Sunset Shimmer: That's right, I forgave my Pony counterpart for kidnapping me and taking my place. And I forgive you too. I know you, mom, I know you didn't mean to take Urd under her wing. There's this guy in Equestria...Discord...he's a creature born of darkness, like Urd. And he manipulates the Ponies to trust him constantly. But they always see through his deceptions in the end. And so did you. You are a goddess angel 1st class, and nothing can take that away from you.

*Human Sunset Shimmer and Belldandy hug*
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KittyloverAmethystHobbyist Traditional Artist
:iconhontoplz: So beautiful excellent work :iconyea-plz:
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SoFDMCHobbyist Digital Artist
I love Urd.
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CherrybootieliciousHobbyist Filmographer
What wouldn't she give for white wings. She's perfect the way she is.
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OMG! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!
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ami-hikaru Traditional Artist
like it! ^^
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Luckyjinx15Hobbyist General Artist
my fave character from the anime..really!
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JewellOfSilenceHobbyist General Artist
i love it
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CelticIrishgirlHobbyist Artist
Urd! ur my fav! :D
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perfect! i love ah my goddess anime series
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