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Life and Love _ Yuri On Ice_ Victor and Yuri

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Victor and Yuri from Yuri!!! On Ice.
It’s a (wonderful) sport anime, it’s the story of a Japanese figure ice skater (and ballet dancer) Yuri Katsuki, 23 years old and his idol (since his adolescence) the russian Victor Nikiforov, 27 years old, 5 time world figure ice skating champion, Olympic champion, GPF gold medalist too.
He is the world ice skater n1. He is the world record holder for free and short programs (many times world champion junior too).
In one word he is a figure ice skating living legend!
The beginning of the story is at the end of the most important competition for figure ice skaters in the world, the GPF "(Grand Prix Final") this competition is real =>… )
Yuri didn’t make a good score so he can’t skate against his idol in the Final competition. (it was his first time in Grand Prix Final selection).
He return back to Japan (after lived and skated 5 years in USA, Detroit) he stoped figure ice skating (and ballet dancing too) until a day who he decided to do ice skating again and show to his childhood friend a (perfect) reproduction of Victor last Grand Prix Final free program.
The childs of his friend recorded him and posted the video on Twitter (there is Twitter and Instagram in the animation it’s very cool!) the video caused a viral buzz around the world.
Every body seen it and of course, Victor too!
This new skating season Victor is in lacking inspiration, he decides to put his career on hold for one year and to go to Japan to become Yuri’s coach. (Without say it to Yuri lol!)
Obviously, Yuri will be greatly surprised by his arrival at his family home who is an oncen (hot spring) hotel.
A very strong relationship will grow between them...

I was very very good surprised about this animation! (A very great one with huge figure ice skating moments and a very beautiful detailed animation quality)
The story between Yuri and Victor is so strong and so beautiful (and modest) that I can’t dislike that.
(I’m really not a fan about same sex characters feelings stories) but for them, I can’t explain why, I loved it so much! (Maybe It’s the high world level sport I don’t know but I think it’s a very realistic story, very adult)
I like very much the cultural differences between a russian and a Japanese man. It’s well shown (but too bad that we do not easier understand that Yuri speak to Victor (and with the other skaters) only in English and the fact that Victor don’t understand him when he speak in Japanese.
I never expected that Yuri and Victor will be my absolute favorite animation couple! (I can’t explain that but it’s true)

*About the fanart: I’m inspired of a @ f8cmsapldxjm0ye drawing (Twitter)
I redraw it in my way.
All is hand painted, I painted it with gouach paint on Canson Paper. Sized A3. (42cm x 29,7cm). It’s not a scan, it’s a photo, taken with a Sony Alpha7 III. I edited it on Lightroom (contrast, brightness, lights, colors adjustments)
I added some warm light effects with computeur, that’s all, (all the fanart is hand painted)

*fanart title: « Life & Love » is the « L world » called By Victor, is the new world that Yuri opened to him. The two things that Victor neglected during his all life.

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I love this ship. These two are amazing. If anyone gets the chance go watch the anime.

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I loved this relationship too. They seemed so real and genuine, learning about each other and growing as people.

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yeah exactly!! I love their relation too (it's for that I love so much this animation)

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I'm not really into same-sex relationship anime, but this is still well-done and I love how you used the coloring and pose. The hair is wonderful too. Awesome for you. ;)

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this animation is beautiful! watch it if you can! It’s a sport anime in first.

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That's okay, I'm actually into other anime. I finished Boku No Hero Academia and I'm watching Demon Slayer, Sword Art Online, and soon Soul Eater. :thanks: Good luck with your amazing art.

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oh-my-lord this is gorgeous!!! im speechless!!!

it's so romantic, so intimate!!!! amazing work my dear!!!!!

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Thank you very much! 😊

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you're welcome babe!!!!

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