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Teen Gohan: The Forgotten Year by EsBest Teen Gohan: The Forgotten Year by EsBest
It is not original artwork and not in anyway associated with the original artwork of Dragonball Z. This is just a dream of mine wishing the creators of Dragonball Z would make a version of their cartoon for older audience with a not-so-good Gohan (and less dialog ha ha) during his teen years; rebelling. I don't think there has ever been a teen Gohan (I could be wrong). This is a more darker, sinister and hormonally-raged Gohan destroying dragonballs rather finding them. He embraces the full moon destructive side. His tail was not cut off correctly leaving remnants of the beast within that he, himself cannot always control. He will often choose NOT too in my vision of the story.

He is seen here emerging from a null-void breaking out from a fail attempt by grandpa to put Gohan on a timeout on another plane and dimension he should not have been able to break free of until his grandpa and mother thought best or I may just make the character be someone else. I haven't decided. Please weigh in (be kind). Thanks
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December 23, 2010
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