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Hydralisk fan art for BJ 2014
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:wave: This lil' piece of work was created for my son's birthday. He is a huge L.O.L (League of Legends) and StarCraft character fan. This is the second submission I have create specifically for him from one of the two games and uploaded to DA. I was going to do a custom watercolor piece of this same StarCraft (I & II) character (like I did for him last time and submitted on DA) but life, by way of many family medical emergencies, kinda got in the way. But I still wanted to make this piece for him. So, while I could not have my art supplies with me while out of town, I could have my hand-dandy tablet with the mobile version of Adobe Sketchbook Pro. So away I went! It took two weeks and a lot love and patients but I finally got it done today. Woo hoo :dance:
Threw the file into Photoshop CS5 only to crop and digitally copyright it. No altering or other painting was done in PS CS5... and here is the finish product.
However, I must point out. This is not only fan art but is may well be fan art "of" fan art because I used an image from the StarCraft.wikia web page as a reference to do this digital art. I do not know if it an actual StarCraft copyright drawing or fan art. I would give credit to the actual artist but I did not see that information on the page either; sorry dude (or dudette) that did the actual reference piece. The only info about the reference image I used was it was added by Meco, an Admininstrator from the StarCraft Wiki website.
So in conclusion, just to be clear, and not to get sued or anything. This is NOT my original work. I do not own or possess a license for this character. It is only fan art created using a reference image of an exact likeness from the StarCraft Wiki website. Added by a user named, Meco. As such, this piece is not and cannot be sold, please do not ask. Thanks
Other than that; Enjoy :kiss:
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