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A Kind Soul is now available in print!  

If you are interested in a larger size then please contact me and we will figure something out. 

Kind regards
Esben Lash
People have been asking me if they could see my old stuff and the answer is yes !
It can be found at…

Direct link:…

All the best
"The Reward" 9 mins of epicness. I got the chance to work on it as a 2nd year student, doing layout and backgrounds. Was a great experience ! A big thanks to the whole team.

I also got my self a Facebook profile ->…
Hi everybody ! :)

If you like my work, then please follow me on facebook and get all the updates with new work. You are also welcome to ask questions!
If you find that interesting then here is the link:…

Kind regards
Esben Lash
Check out :

I got some sweet links as well for you!……
Probably the best thing written in a very long time.
Give it a chance and be open.…
This can help you if you want to improve your art :…
Thanks for all the lovely comments, I am reading all of them.
I am very honored that so many people like my work.
It's been overwhelming (in a good way) with all the exposure I got today but I am afraid that I won't be able to reply to all of you.

I really really appreciate everything.   

All the best
- Esben Lash Rasmussen
Spread the word and share, if you like the work (:
Thanks for stopping by.

My blog :
- Esben Lash Rasmussen
I am not using DA so much more but I stop by now and then.
Feel free to check out my blog instead, which gets updated often.
Back to Deviant art! Deleted all the old stuff and have now uploaded a bunch of new goodies!
If you like what you see you should defiantly check out my blog

It gets updated pretty often ! Feel free to leave comments!

- Lash
I haven't updated my DA in a while ?!
But my blog is getting updated quite a lot.
Check it out :…

- Cheers

First Journal

Journal Entry: Sun Dec 13, 2009, 1:57 PM
Just finished The Drawing Academy in Viborg
Now I'm on my own, preparing my portfolio for the deadline the 15th marts.
Atm I'm working on some character design !

the upcoming work will be uploaded  (: