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MK Legacy Kold Vendetta

Fatality Friday #10

Here they are Sub-Zero and Scorpion. "Deadliest of enemies but slaves under my power" quote from the movie. This painting is based of the actual story when Sub-Zero killed Scorpion over the Sacred map of Elements. I think maybe Sub-zero got a double flawless and a fatality. For all you affended Scorpion fans this is what happened to him in the actual story so don't get pissed at me. But I do enjoy illustrating this.

MK legacy Gallery [link]
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Inside a Shaolin Temple, I remember this.

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Yep from MK Mythologies!

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Poor Scorpion dude.
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I love violence.
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Bloody awesome painting! Poor Scorpion ... Bi Han isn't exactly a good man. :(
Correction, Quan Chi isn't a good man.
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Yeah but Scorpion is still a cry baby!
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LOL, how so? I'm most familiar with his MK 9 personality ... But yeah, begging for his life back in Mythologies was kinda pointless.
Fatality... Flawless Victory... Flawless image too...
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dont worry he comes back
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Oh no... :jawdrop: my fave character Scorpion got killed, but who cares. He is a spectre anyway XD great work!
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This makes me remember how excited I was in MK Mythologies when we see why Scorpion hates Sub Zero in detail, while the game wasn't really that good, the story is still well written and a good example that prequels can be done right
altough in videogame there have been some good prequels
Great well...everything, really
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I actually really loved mythologies hoping its released on xbox live or psn one day
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I actually like the game, I recognize that it has it's flaws, but still, I really enjoyed, specially for the plot
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That is beastly! I wouldn't like to be Scorpion 0.0
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