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Gallery Folders

Devil Bats
Trigger Happy by Satin-Bowerbird
Demon Quarterback by Satin-Bowerbird
Hiruma 'Eyeshield 21' by Matsuo974
HIRUMA YOICHI YA HA by oNecro-Jael-Miku01o
Other teams
We Rule The Field by nezumi-zumi
Agon and Ikkyu by nezumi-zumi
Shinryuji Naga helmet by nezumi-zumi
Riku by soreiyu-run
Couple Art
Doujinshi preview 527 by michelous

Mature Content

Just tonight by Kejlynda
What took you so long? by Meilyna
Shinsena by Sogequeen2550
Chibi Eyeshield21 by Meilyna
Agon and Hiruma by AkubakaArts
Not me by loliterin
Black Panthers by Minalice
Cosplay and Handcrafts
Team Manager by Odango-datte
Hiruma Yoichi Custom Funko Pop by Victoria-Firewriath
Run boys! Mamori , eyeshield 21 cosplay by Giuzzys
Deimon Devil Bats By MyLovelyBlueEyes by MyLovelyBlueEyes
Fan Characters
[Eyeshield 21 OC] What are we doing again? by Plantress
Just a few seconds by Meilyna
Eyehield 21 Oc: Suzumebachi, Aiko by KikikZimik
[Eyeshield 21 OC] Mika by Plantress
Fan Fictions
Fan-colored Scans
[ES21] Agon and Hiruma- Collab by NeoSM2503
HiruMamo- ES21 by NeoSM2503
Eyeshield 21 Phanter by M by MarioTheArtistM
Yoichi Hiruma,Eyeshield 21 by Hansih2
Eyeshield 21 Logo by MrABBrown
Montage Sena by GueparddeFeu
Montage Monta by GueparddeFeu
Seijuro Shin by Hikari-Noraneko
EDITEDIT: Yet another gallery folder has been added. WALLPAPERS.

EDIT: I've added a new Gallery folder! - Fan-colored Scans -
Personally I think coloring scans from manga etc. is tacky P= Specially when it's not done 'properly'. But who am I to judge, they get their own folder though, mainly because they weren't entirely done by the artist. It'll make for a cleaner gallery, enjoy the new folder ppl. Are there any other folders you'd like me to add, drop a comment on this journal entry and I'll consider it.

People please! Learn to submit your art into the correct folders. It's not that hard.
I don't have the time to correct these things, so from now on if you submit to the wrong folder I'll just deny the art.
I've made descriptions for the folders here below if your unsure what the titles on them actually mean.

Folder descriptions:

Devil Bats: Any character that plays for the devil bats, including managers etc. goes in the folder, nothing else.

Other teams: Any characters from any other teams, including their managers and cheerleaders and whatnots goes here.

Couple Art: Speaks for itself, pictures of characters paired together. Multiple couples in the same picture goes in group.

Group: Pictures with 2 characters (non couple) or more in the same picture. Also note, if the characters are all from the same team, say the devil bats, then you go ahead and stuff that art in the devil bats folder. It's only when you mix several team that you have to use this folder.

Cosplay and Handcrafts: This folder is for REAL PEOPLE cosplaying the ES21 character. I don't want your art of es21 chars cosplaying something else in this folder. Also you may put things like plushies or other hand made things in here.

Fan Characters: Submit art or writing of characters you've created for es21 to this folder nothing else.

Fan Fictions: Fictional writing you've done involving the es21 characters goes here.

Fan-colored Scans: Scans from the manga or doujinshis that have been colored.

Wallpapers: Self-explanatory, put your wallpapers here.

Thank you for reading.
More Journal Entries


FRACKING DINOSAURS! by SpamCrackers FRACKING DINOSAURS! :iconspamcrackers:SpamCrackers 3 9 Inktober Day 10: Eyeshield 21 by galaverna Inktober Day 10: Eyeshield 21 :icongalaverna:galaverna 3 0 Eyeshield21 by Pink-Malice Eyeshield21 :iconpink-malice:Pink-Malice 3 2 Strange Encounter - Eyeshield 21 ver. by devixenrox85 Strange Encounter - Eyeshield 21 ver. :icondevixenrox85:devixenrox85 2 0 The Devil by Sadistic-Half-Demon The Devil :iconsadistic-half-demon:Sadistic-Half-Demon 0 10 Shin from eyeshield 21 by Alicecab Shin from eyeshield 21 :iconalicecab:Alicecab 0 0 Hiruma by Alicecab Hiruma :iconalicecab:Alicecab 0 0 MEME - SUZUKLIFF'. by HIRUMAsuzuki MEME - SUZUKLIFF'. :iconhirumasuzuki:HIRUMAsuzuki 10 3 the devil by Lapin-Blanc-33 the devil :iconlapin-blanc-33:Lapin-Blanc-33 4 5 Eyeshield 21 c.170 Color by Kaisertony Eyeshield 21 c.170 Color :iconkaisertony:Kaisertony 14 3 Eyeshield 21 c.170 Color by Kaisertony Eyeshield 21 c.170 Color :iconkaisertony:Kaisertony 24 0 Eyeshield 21 c.170 Color by Kaisertony Eyeshield 21 c.170 Color :iconkaisertony:Kaisertony 18 3 Eyeshield 21 c.186 Color by Kaisertony Eyeshield 21 c.186 Color :iconkaisertony:Kaisertony 40 5 Eyeshield 21 c.159 Color by Kaisertony Eyeshield 21 c.159 Color :iconkaisertony:Kaisertony 54 17 Eyeshield 21: Sena Kobayakawa by AR-UA Eyeshield 21: Sena Kobayakawa :iconar-ua:AR-UA 129 13

Information & Rules

Welcome to the Eyeshield 21 Fan Club
This is a group for all you ES21 lovers out there.

:bulletblue: Anyone can join this group as long as they're a fan of ES21 or a character from the manga/anime.

:bulletorange: Members can submit art and writing to the gallery or suggest it to the favorites. Art of any character and couple whether it's yaoi/yuri or straight is allowed to be submitted. Just make sure that any mature art/writing is marked as that, for the sake of our younger audience. I want as many as possible to feel welcomed to this group. Macros and Motivational posters are not allowed in this club.

- Please only submit your own art to the gallery, if you'd like to submit someone else's work, suggest it to the favorites.

- Since this used to be a club account almost all the art submitted is in the favorites. If you would like your art moved to the group's gallery just submit it there and I'll remove it from the favs.

- The limit is 2 submissions per day. This may be subject to change so check this post often.

:bulletred: I DO NOT tolerate any flaming or unfriendly comments between members within the group. Everyone has a right to their own opinion and are not to be judged because of it.

:bulletgreen: If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.









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