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Temptation (3)

"Yuwaku (3)" (Temptation (3))
OCs: Miki and Kana. twins

Tempting latex twins ;P

Btw recently I knew that dA allowed uncensored nude arts (including manga or anime category).
In Japan, it's prohibited to upload any uncensored stuff even if that's rated adult contents,
so I thought that's same as global world ^^;
Therefore, I'll replace my past censored works with the unsencored version a step at a time,
except some works containing penetration-like.
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Did they lose their lower part of the their legs? :(
Also what are the black parts behind them? XD
ES-SHARK's avatar
They're sitting with their legs folded,
and black parts you said are maybe their feet :)
DannyAndYoko's avatar
They look like they just have stumps XD
DoodleWill's avatar
As if one wouldn't be tempting enough.

But man, the colouring and shading on this is fantastic. Colouring latex has always been hard for me, so seeing anybody be able to pull it off so well is always great to see. c:

ES-SHARK's avatar
Oh, I feel honor to hear that,
Thank you very much! :D
DoodleWill's avatar
You're welcome, hope to see more great stuff like this~ c:
Lux-Vertas's avatar
ohh... Very nice!
Lux-Vertas's avatar
you're welcome!
johanSPV's avatar
nice drawings 
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