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My influence map!

1. Koichi Mugitani - Designer of KOS-MOS from Xenosaga, pretty much my favorite artist ever and the only artist I will break the bank for. I have every Xeno Emission and some of his various other artbooks/comics/misc works. His designs with graphics and drawing are flawless to me. Anytime he comes out with something I just have to have it!!!

2. Naoko Takeuchi - Was heavily influenced by her art since 7th grade. I mean this bitch created Sailor Moon for Christ-sake's so yeah, she's a big deal to me.

3. Disney - Particularly the animated movies. I do love some of their cgi too but the hand drawn ones hold a special place in my heart. Pretty much influenced all of my childhood drawings.

4. Bioshock - Love the game's retro appeal mixed with steampunk/biopunk elements and the fact that it has an underwater city. The married concepts are amazing especially since it also uses an added ingredient of horror. Totally tickles my aquatic fancy and retro vibes.

5. Siren - Atmosphere, style, elements, gameplay, everything about this series I hold dear to my soul. IT is everything I wanted from a horror game and more. Been an influence on me since '07.

6. Haunting Ground - Pretty much the same as above^. Love the concept art for this game and its been inspiring me ever since. Even created original characters from its world. Probably the most obvious influence going by my gallery.

7. Ilya Repin - Amazing Russian painter. I totally dig his paint work and use of color. His subjects of study are incredibly interesting and a treat to the eyes.

8. David Lynch - His films are incredibly thought provoking, especially the 1990's TV series Twin Peaks which has been a major influence in the Silent Hill series and Zelda: OoT. The type of way he uses his imagery, concepts, and music, to make thriller/horror/mystery in his pieces is something that really resonates with me.

9. Alphonse Mucha - My early college years and art were inspired by his use of linework, much akin to the way comics are drawn. I'm very fond of his use of color and the female form so naturally some of my early digital work was inspired by him.

10. Yoshihiro Togashi - Creator of Yu Yu Hakusho; my high school artwork was heavily influenced by his art style. The way he conveyed motion and action scenes left a big impression on me, still does to this day. I cherish Yu Yu Hakusho as one of my favorite anime/manga series and the fact I got to grow up with it.

11. Quentin Tarantino - His movies are a go to I put on when I work on art or art projects. Love his use of humor and ultra violence as well as his unique style in his films.

12. John Hughes - Patron saint of the classic teenage 80's
movies. Grew up watching them as a kid and pretty much adore them all. His films let me experience the decade I was born in the last part of, the decade I long to be in at times. The music, style, and overall message is something the newer generations can't match and another go to when I need something on when I create.

13. Yasuomi Umetsu - His animated films are amazing, just ultra violence turned up to max. I've become attached to his art style and exploration of edgy themes. I'm pretty much a sucker for vigilantes so its only simple science that I love his stuff. His films are also added to the things I watch when creating.
Shakahnna Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2013
Is very awesome to get a little insight into your head milady. Twin Peaks is one of those on my todo list. I also don't think have heard of Yasuomi Umetsu, is there anything you would particularly recommend?
ES-Dinah Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Definitely the first thing I'd recommend from Yasuomi Umetsu is the animated movie "KITE". It's probably his most popular movie and the one most people associate with him. Then from there I would try "KITE: Liberator" since that's the sequel but you have to go in knowing its a bit flawed. For myself I liked Liberator over the first KITE but that's due to my own personal tastes. Then see "Mezzo Forte" the anime film not the anime series just named Mezzo. They all share his art style and the same subjects he touches on.
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