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Twilight s gift

I can't think in a better Christmas gift for her XD
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ROFLMAO, that feels so accurate for her character.
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Seems legit.

BEautiful work
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My pleasure. Some would have put any pony, but this one makes more sense.
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Twilight x Books, best ship!
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The ship what the world needed XD
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That is so Twilight! :D

If I ever get warped into Equestria and made a living in ponyville, that's the gift I want to give her. She may not appreciate it at first, but she will definitely warm up to it quickly enough.
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Oh noes, body pillow!! XD
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Canon. this is canon.
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Well, i can think of a better christmas gift: a book!
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Oh my gosh <3 <3 <3 
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I can't believe I'm saying this, but there's weirder dakimakuras out these. :)
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Lol, a book daki. :XD:
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Oh goodness, Twilight! :D
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😳...Hope her love for books doesn't evolve into a FETISH for books while she's using that. 😨
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