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Keith and Natani : TwoKinds

By Erythrine
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See? I told you there would be something better, even though this isnt really an acception. I just really needed to upload something otherwise i just look as if im neglecting my membership of this site D:
Pluuuuussssssss, i really wanted to do some fanart for twokinds, and now i finally have! :D I recommend reading the comic :3
Just go to [link]!
Enjoy :heart:
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yes, this must happen.
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Indeed it must :thumbsup:
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Yaaay no keith as a homosexual XD. I love the keithxnatani pairing ^^.
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I knoww, i really don't like it when people do that, though i never object to it x3
I love them too, they're so adorable <3
Nice, 2kinds is one of my favorite comics. (updated regularly, neat artwork, you can see the artist evolving, fun characters) You´ve drawn Natani in a beautiful pose, she´s like : "mmmh mine:love:"
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Aww, why thank you 83
I love these two, and the comic, i can never get enough of it.
When i come to the last page i'm like ''..NOOO!'' x)
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Yayy NataniXKeith :3 I Dun know Why no-one Commented, Its gotta be one of the Best Fanarts Ive seen. :heart:
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Aww thank you~ owo :heart:
I love the pairing, they've gotta be one of the best possible couples in the story :3
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