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Social Anxiety Disorder Stamp

By EryStamps
It's strange how there isn't much stamps on deviantART for the supposed 3rd most common mental disorder, so I decided to make one. The silver ribbon is supposed to represent mental disorders (like anxiety disorders).
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STOP NOW if you think social anxiety can't be helped. I no longer need the 3 medications I was taking and no longer lock up if I"m out at events or making friends I've been looking into everything and found so much great help and support, FB groups, this free guide… and just believing in my self. You can do this, we only get life once. How much is that worth?
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It is a true hell. I´ve lost many hobbies because of it.
Revatel's avatar
Well...I self diagnosed myself. I probably have it either way
NightEsprit's avatar
Yeah, I have it....
Rubyangel16's avatar
I have this because I have selective mutism too.
Fenrize's avatar
If you don't mind, could you explain some things to me about it? I've heard of selective mutism, but I don't know anyone suffering of it. I don't want to be intrusive, you don't have to talk about it if you feel uncomfortable.
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Social anxiety disorder is kind of like social phobia.i get very nervous and scared in social situations like school which has a huge affect on me. And I have fear of judgement of others in school so this explains why I have selective mutism too,I think my voice sound funny and weird so I just stay quiet.
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You don't need to explain the social anxiety disorder to me, I have been diagnosed with it myself. I was just wondering if the selective mutism appears to you as actual inability to talk or if it's voluntarily. Did I explain that correctly? ^^;
Rubyangel16's avatar
yeah thats what it is.
Belletheparakeet's avatar
I have SAD also... I'm just too scared to tell anyone
Prisma-kiss's avatar
thanks for making this :)
Lil-Ilussions's avatar
I have SAD, I was recently diagnosed by my doctor...It's really hard to some things, that would come easy to others. I really hate it.
KeuVeuDazh's avatar
I have SAD and I hate having it..
dust-bunie's avatar
I have social anxiety too, it's the worst. It's held me back from a lot of things. :(
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0rcinus's avatar
I have SAD pretty severely :( 
Thanks for making this stamp <3 
rpghorror-san's avatar
I have this too its bad too I understand how you feel.
SatanCactus's avatar
I have SAD.
I quit school because of it and all that.
I'm dyslexic and i got teased and SAD and bullying do not work very well. :/
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i have SAD but i am actually DIAGNOSED by the doctor. i despise it when people self diagnose themselves. i actually have to take medicine. people, if the doctor diagnoses you, then use this. if they don't, please step off. 
hollyleafe's avatar
wow, i know this comment is old, but if you still stand by these views, you have some nasty ideals
bIacksmith's avatar
personally, i think being diagnosed by a doctor is much more reliable than self diagnose
in my opinion i believe that before someone should go around and say that they are diagnosed with something, they should get tested. yes, talking to someone in real life is very hard and going to the doctor costs money, although, there are many websites on the internet where you can talk to a professional.

please note, this is just my opinion, it doesn't mean it's nasty, it's just what i believe. 
hollyleafe's avatar
have you been to a psychiatrist before? my psychiatrist literally looks at a list of symptoms in the DSM-5 and using that list of symptoms, diagnoses me and others she sees. many many doctors use the DSM (obviously) and its just a list of symptoms, my friends have psychiatrists who have just handed them print outs of online tests to help diagnose them with certain, easy to diagnose disorders.

I want to know how you think people get tested for having stuff like anxiety? or bpd? or bipolar, like me? what kind of testing can you do that requires more than matching symptoms you have to lists with symptoms on them for certain illnesses?

Now don't get me wrong, diagnosing rare conditions such as DID are incredibly hard to diagnose, and my personal disorder Bipolar type 2 is very very hard and cannot be detected by a test (which i have tried just for shits and giggles or w/e), but diagnosing social anxiety or bpd or depression or Generalized Anxiety is so, so easy to do and anxiety is THE most common disorder in the U.S.
bIacksmith's avatar
yes, i have, i currently have one right now. 
yes, i am aware of that, that is what i am talking about. they need to be tested.

i think that (please note this is my opinion, i don't want you to blow up on me) taking a quiz from your psychiatrist or your doctor, etc. is the best way to go. using that as proof, i guess. 
or by using a professional test on the internet, not like a random one. 
i do think someone can have social anxiety, self diagnose, and no further evidence. the reason why i left that comment was because i have had friends who would fake social anxiety to get attention, and i know that that was the case. they would go up and talk to random people perfectly, hug random people, be funny and loud with people they met 2 days ago, etc. 

yes, i agree. 100%
for example, Asperger. it is very rare and people that self diagnose probably don't have it. people with it are usually informed at a young age.
hollyleafe's avatar
autism spectrum disorders have been proven to underdiagnosed, since they manifest differently in girls/women than in others

i am diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder with symptoms of social anxiety disorder. I can talk to random people of i connect with them in some way, and if i get to know someone i can also be loud with them after knowing them a few days. i am a loud person. it doesnt invalidate my diagnosis, or the fact i have to take a TON of buspar a day to get me through the day. you are not in anyone elses brain but your own, and it is not up to you to judge who is "correctly" mentally ill and who isn't.

getting my bipolar and anxiety diagnosis SAVED me, i thought i was broken and making shit up and going crazy and when i finally got diagnosed it made me feel valid and like i actually was not just making stuff up and looking for attention. People online strive to find themselves and if diagnosing themselves with what they think they have using the same websites as doctors do, than they are perfectly valid. diagnosis can change and mine certainly did, it took me until 17 to get diagnosed. people under 18 can't get personality disorders reliably diagnosed until they are older, actually same with a lot of things. Them self diagnosing on the internet doesn't hurt you at all, if you are REALLY miffed about people self diagnosing with anxiety i don't know what to say to you, honestly.

I have literally NEVER heard of people faking anxiety to get attention, but generalizing a whole group of people (self diagnosers) because of one individual, who was pretending to have social anxiety, is pretty scummy in my opinion
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