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Friendship is magic !

By ErysDream
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I decided to draw my best friends as ponies (they hate when I talk about ponies, but, I do what I want, non mais sans blague!!)

So, from the left to the right : 

- Harmony : Tentense
She is a shy girl (unicorn) who loves nature and music, she plays guitar. Her best friends are Smoothie Dancer (Franklin) and Banana Whistle (Banana). I really like this girl, she is so nice!!
- Lemon Hops : Leo/Kiwi
Actually his nickname is Kiwi but his pony's name is Lemon because a lemon is acid and fizzy, like his personality. He is an happy funny boy (pegasus) who has a lot of friends. His best friends are Shiny Care (Kaka) and, well, myself. ^^" I liiiiiiike this crazy guy!!! <3
- Lucky Tree : Juju
She is an hard-working girl (unicorn) who loves bio food. Especially vegetables. Her best friends are Banana Whistle and Dream Drama (Rick). She is nice too, even if she loves sulk. :3
- Dream Drama : Clem
She is my best friend for ever. She loves theatre, sleeping and "Amelie Poulain". She is a nice pegasus, because she is always tired. She is really friend with Lucky Tree (Juju) too. I met her when I was 3. She's still my friend. <3
- Smoothie Dancer : Alex/Franklin
She is a guitar player, like her best friend, Harmony (Tentouse). She also likes dancing and eating. She is so kind, and really funny!
- Snow Flash : Alex (!!) 
She is a fan of skiing and drawing. Her best friend lives far away from her, but she gots us!! :3 
- Shiny Care : Kaka
Since she is a filly (little girl xD), she wants to become a vet. And she will do it! She is cool and strong! She loves judo! Her best friends are Lemon Hops (Kiwi) and Glossy Pop (Zaza).
- Banana Whistle : Gogo/Banana
She is one of my best friends too! She is quite funny and so cute! I guess she is the most naive girl I never met! ^^ She loves eating, england and she wants to be a princess (actually, just like me xD). Her best friends are Harmony (Tentouse), Lucky Tree (Juju) and me. :3
- Glossy Pop : Zaza
She loves music and singing! Her voice is so amazing!! She loves travel and cars too :3 She is a beautiful girl (earth pony) and her best friends are Shiny Care (Kaka) and somepony I never met... ^^"

And that's all!! Of course, I got a lot of other friends, but they are my BESSSST FRIIIEEEENDS!!!! *W* Yay!!! I love those guys. Very much. <3

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C'est sympas comme tout ça ^w^
Nice ;)
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Aooooow!! Merciiiiiii :3
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