5 Stream Slots Filled!! 4/16-4/20

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Lost Ghost - Slot Commission by EryckWebbGraphics Adventurer Girl - Slot Commission by EryckWebbGraphicsRogue Elf Ruins - Inks n Cols by EryckWebbGraphics  Canopy Chibi - Slot Commission by EryckWebbGraphics  Infinix and Invincibelle - DRS Request Colors by EryckWebbGraphics Down Not Out - Stream Commission by EryckWebbGraphics  Ratty - Commission by EryckWebbGraphics  Bot Rider - DRS Request Inked Colored by EryckWebbGraphics   Osprey - Commission by EryckWebbGraphics  Rocket Girl - Commission by EryckWebbGraphics  Jangala - Chibi Monday Commish by EryckWebbGraphics 


Hey dA! Its been a while. I am opening 5 slots that will be streamed live on EW Twitch each morning this week!

$60 - One character ( chibi or normal ) with simple colored back ground fully pencil drawn, inked and colored to best of my ability!
Buyer gets 11x17 digital artwork 300dpi jpg of each step ( So 3 files ). 
Plus you get it garunteed on the date of the slot AND you can watch it live on Twitch ( at twitch.tv/eryckwebb ) in real time if you come out.
(Even if you dont come out the art will be done either way.)

Grab one today! 

:star-empty: Slot open | :star: SLOT taken

:star: SLOT 1 - Monday 4/16 / FINISHED! - KingKoningTiger THANK YOU!

:star: SLOT 2 - Tuesday 4/17 / FINISHED! - Singory THANK YOU!

:star: SLOT 3 - Wednesday 4/18 /  FINISHED! - Singory THANK YOU!

:star: SLOT 4 - Thursday 4/19 / FINISHED! - Singory THANK YOU!

:star: SLOT 5 - Friday 4/20 / FINISHED! - Singory THANK YOU!

No sexualy explicit, pervy or offensive requests. They must fall within the Twitch TOS standards for content. 

To purchase, Paypal $60.00 to eryckwebb3@yahoo.com by Monday 8amEasternTime along with one clear picture of reference emailed to eryck@eryckwebbgraphics.com or linked in your payment along with a sentence or two of your desired depiction ( i.e. action, heroic pose, free reign, sexy, etc )

If the reference isnt ready your order will be swapped with one that is and done at a later slot.


Look forward to drawing for you!
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wow! just saw the post and its filled :( ill have to keep a better eye out for this :P GG my dude GG