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From Oz and Back

The finished piece of my interpretation of Wizard of Oz. Inspired while watching it the other day on TBS... had this interpretation in my head... and had to draw it. My lineart for it is posted in my gallery. This is the finished colors.

Toto has been kidnapped, Dorothy, Tin man, Scarecrow and Lion are off to get him back.

I enjoyed working on this one


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that lion certainly doesn't look cowardly O_O i love your interpretation of the movie though. pretty badass XD
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Omfg they're out for blood.
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Tinman looks like a deranged rampaging killer bot.
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its awesome!! They all look ready to kick some ass!!
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I like your drawing style. It makes for a unique depiction.
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Thanks! Glad you like it
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That's awesome! Especially love the ninja Scarecrow!
EryckWebbGraphics's avatar
thanks, a little twist on the ol' original
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Definitely! I've done interpretations of Oz before, too, but in a scary way. You can check'em out if you'd like: [link] under the Illustration section.
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i checked it out. you got some pretty cool hellish visuals in your art. some of the visions are pretty imaginative. crazy stuff. reminds me of somethin outta tim burton or the movie 'silent hill'
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Hell yeah! Two of my biggest influences are Tim Burton and Silent Hill! Good eye.

"Hellish Visuals"... I like that! Good name for a band.
This is awesome, though I do have one main comment, though this tends to apply to all Oz redesigns. Why does Dorothy always look more evil than anything else?
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freakin awesome! I luuurve yer scarecrow!

You should make a whole comic version..
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thanks, ya would be like wizard of oz meets battle chasers
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love the fact that her shoes give off that glow
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wicked interpretation i love your take on the tin man
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that tin man looks pretty bad ass... a lot better then is lame self
EryckWebbGraphics's avatar
hehe, thanks. figure he'd be better at cutti down trees w/ a little more power behind him
MrRobot's avatar
hell yeah, i bet that bastard can kill off a bunch of rain forests if he wanted... sweet
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