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Darth Vader

Copyright Lucasfilm LTD 1977-2006

Here is my favorite character of Star Wars.... Darth Vader. I drew out Vader in ink, scanned into the computer. I did all the shading, blending, blurring and highlights in Photoshop. A long ways from the crappy 1st drawing I did of Vader when I was only 11 years old!

Vader... the one image that haunted me as a kid, so much that I wanted to draw his helmet. I couldn't draw back in 1977. I sat down and practiced trying to draw Vader for many months, until I was able to draw a helmet. If it hadn't been for Vader, I never would have learned to draw or do any kind of art at all!

A tribute to George Lucas and his Star Wars legacy...
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All hail Lord Vader!
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Absolutely stunning
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You've inspired me to make a similar one in pencil!
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Can I use this for a candle label design? I'll send you a link when I get the Etsy store up and running. 
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Brilliant. Vader is just hard to draw, i can never get the helmet to look right.
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I would like to draw this..if you wouldn't mind?
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That's AWESOME! When Star Wars was still Star Wars!

Btw feel free to check out my group, We-Hate-George-Lucas
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Hey dude, I love this and just wanted to let you know I got it tattooed on me today.
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Amazing drawing! I'm trying to draw Vader, but I've spent the past 3 days trying to get the face right. It's a real bitch to draw :)
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Good job! :) The helmet is amazing
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*Rubs his helmet.* It's so shinny~ :iconimhappyplz:

This is amazing, I love all the detail in in. It's great, considering only a few colours were used.

You rock <3
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haha, 'it's so shiny' ehehe, yeah, you might just wanna run now.

I agree, this is amazing!
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