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Natural Pigment Tutorial, part 1



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This tutorial teaches you how to process found rocks and minerals (and other things) into natural pigments for your your own hand crafted art supplies. The process is the same for more than just rocks and minerals, you work with eggshell white, bone black, etc. the same way, with some small differences (bone black does not typically have to be washed, for example, it grinds fine enough by itself.)

Collecting from one location and trying to paint something from the area using only (or primarily) found pigments from the area is a fun hobby, or even just once if you aren't really the artistic type. You can make yourself a special souvenir to keep as a memory of a good time :)

Since writing this, I have found a more effective way to keep chips from hard stones from flying everywhere. You use a very large ziplock bag, enclose your tools and working hand in it up to your wrist and simply work inside the bag. The chips will fly out, but will just gather in the bottom of the bag, so you can stop and pour the escaped fragments back into your mortar periodically. This is useful because it allows you to see what you're doing, while a towel does not.

Remember to zoom in, and hit the download button if you want to see it full size!

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To learn more about antique pigments and art techniques, try these links:…………………………………………………
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