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Parcel mistress shimeji

okay, this is my first try to make a shimeji. It's not that good and I can't do walking cykles for the life of me. but it was great practice and I want to make more <3 thinking about doing some felt members next, any suggestions?

The art is by me, the shimeji program and all that stuff is from this Feferi [link]§ion=&global=1&q=homestuck+shimeji#/d3lg1fk if there's still some frames from the old one or somrthing else please tell me so I can correct it. and I can't change the file name from fefeter - kopia - kopia.

how to do shit;
1. download and un-zip the file
2. click on it and then the icon with a computer screen and a white face in it.
3. there should be a PM icon in the bottom right on your computer (it's there on my vista, I'm not sure if it's the same for all computers). when right clicking on it a bunch of japanese letters comes up, the one at teh bottom exits the program, the one that says IE restores the windows the shimeji carries away. the third one from the top reduces them back to one. I don't remember what the other two does, look up another shimeji that got better info <D

I know some people can't stand homestuck so I keep all my fanart over at [link]

pm © Mspaintadventures & Andrew Hussie
© 2012 - 2021 Erupan
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yes yay love her thank yuo so much!
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Do you have a ZIP version? ;u;
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I'm so sorry, no. D: I could only turn it into a RAR file
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I LOVE YOU. *plays with PM Shimeji.
By any chance, can you make the Bec PM shimeji? OuO
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Sure, I could give it a try. <: Might take some time thou, I'm in the middle of an oct right now.
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Heee sure. And no worries. Take your time. :3
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Precious. I think you did a lovely job, especially considering this is your first try!
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thank you ;; <3 will try to make better ones in the future once I get a hang of how things walk <3
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Well, I look forward to seeing more from you!
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