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Lone-wolf Paladin

By Eruner
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Art belongs to XxKalixX.
Magic the Gathering belongs to Wizards of the Coast.

Not the strongest knight, but I like his character and ability to survive in hard conditions.
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I want this card, i Sooooooooooo want this card. This card is freaking amazing and would be perfect for my Knight Angel deck, Oooo you should sooo try to get Wizards of the Coast to make this into a real card =D
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during making this card I raised manna cost and level cost, because it had been powerful like Student of Warfare.
Would you like to play this common? I wonder. But yes, its good card itself, but I play faster and effecive Knight deck in real.

anyway, thx ;)
RolueVasReisa's avatar
yeah! =D i loved it and i tottally would add it to my very broken one of my best decks ever, Knight Angel deck and i loved the card =D
but yeah i'd definitly play it =P heh add it to my bulk of White and Silver knights in my deck heh =P ah well my Knight deck can be fast but mainly overpowered as hell and has on numerous occasions, taken on several people at once lol. It and my Elf deck are my only two decks that are so insanely overpowered that they have been able to like grab two opponet's decks by their throats, keep them locked down and control them/ be able to annihlate them whenver want to lol but your quite welcome ^_^