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Sakura Brushes



40+ brushes of sakura, made by myself for various pieces of art (although some were made just for the brush set) or made from the lines in one of my art.
Includes many different types of petal, several different types of solid blossom, several lineart/design looking flowers, and some branches.
Made in Photoshop CS2 although they probably work for some older versions too; I don't know because I haven't tried....

[EDIT] added more brushes: some lineart type versions of the petals and another type of sakura design.

Hope you can use these; please credit me though, because I spent a lot of time on these

I might add more :\

Pictures they were (inexpertly) used on or made from:

These here are probably better for complete sakura designs on clothing and such (mine are made mostly for background work): [link] [link] [link]
Here's more petals, too: [link]
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