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Photoshop painting tutorial 1


For :iconsnowballchibikat:
My first tutorial! :XD: I am bad at them, which is why I don't make more of them >_>

I'm not entirely to the level I want to be in photoshop painting yet; but I've found a process that works now.

I hope some people find it useful, anyway :hmm:

Finished picture: [link]
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I have had a lot of trouble finding a ralistic painting style that will work for the way I draw and my skill level at the moment. I think this one s going to work very well considering I know have some actual tradition drawing for Graphic Design School under my belt. Thank you so much for this tutorial.
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i find so many tuts on DA that don't even explain them that well or skip huge steps (for beginners to realistic painting like me)

yours, however, is perfect, step by step and everything, especially the shading and lighting (my worst enemies :XD:)

so one word:

THANKS :dummy:!!!!!!!
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This is so useful!
I'm terrible at painting and colouring and i think this will help alot :dance:
thank you for making this!
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I'm really glad if it can help you a lot, thank you for your comment and I wish you luck ^^
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It looks really useful! As soon as I can get my stupid scaner to work I'm going to try it on ID picture. I'll let you know how it goes!
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good luck~! X3
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Thanks! it went really well, here's a link to what I did with it: [link] and [link] I'm not the best at people but I'm trying to get better. XD
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you have talent, with practice you will most certainly get better~~
hint: probably try copying from real life pictures. It gives a biiig boost to artistic skill. It's what gave me an art jump a few years back.
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Thank you! I've been practicing a ton while on my trip so my sketches have improved a lot! I hope they'll turn out better colored.~~
I'll try that, thanks!
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have fun and good luck~! :highfive:
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Sorry to bother you but I don't get picture 6 and 7. Can you help me? What do you do? ^^;
Erulisse2's avatar
Uuum yah those were confusing! O.o I should fix that....
This may be translated a bit more:
I duplicate the second shading layer, set it to "color" and play with the color until it looks teh right color of shadows for the picture. Then I use a dark, low saturation skintone-type color and paint the darkest shadows unter the 'color' layer
...If you have more questions, just ask ^^
Promemoria's avatar
Hmm. Just one for now XD
When you say under the color layer, do you mean the one that I copied from?
Erulisse2's avatar
no, the one that you copied :D
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Wow, this was a big help :D I'm working on a picture right now.
Thank you so much! You're awesome~ :+fav:
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I'm very glad you find it useful! I can't wait to see what you can do with it! :aww:
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Wow, I think this is the most helpful painting tutorial for human skin and hair that I've seen anywhere :D Thanks so much :)
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Thank you, I hope it helps! :icongwompplz: I try to make it so that I can understand it, because I'm really slow when it comes to understanding things... :giggle:
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You, missy, are quite a talented artist.
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Awww, thanks.... :iconblushplz:
As are you :)
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Thank you for the tutorial. I've always wanted to try Photoshop painting
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Hope you have success! :)
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Nice work! Thanks for the tutorial, it will come in handy. :)
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You're welcome! I'm glad that you may find it useful! :D
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