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Edit: CTN was awesome! It was a lot of fun, met a bunch of amazing people, and received super helpful feedback on my portfolio. Overall a really great time : Db


So I was planning to just check things out at CTN Animation Expo, but then my character design instructor offered me space at his table if I wanted to put together a sketchbook.
After a lot of scrambling and scanning, IT IS DONE! I just approved the digital proofs, and I'll be picking them up around November 12 or earlier.

+ Two 5.4"x8.5" zines of sketches featuring designs, concepts, and some fanart from 2011 to now
+ 48 pages each (96 total)
+ Original work with some fanart mixed in (more of it's in book 2).
+ $7 USD for one, or both books for $10
+ Shipping is a flat $5
+ Limited run
+ Page samples here:
Garden sketchbook 1 preview by eruemcee & Garden sketchbook 2 preview by eruemcee

If you'd like a copy, please email me at cheng.lisa[at] with the following:

+ Your name
+ Shipping address
+ Which book(s) and how many

Feel free to include a sketch request if there's anything you'd like me to draw at the front of your book. :)
Thank you for reading!
Fanime was awesome! I had a great time there with my lovely table neighbor Rosewine this past weekend. I loved that I got a chance to meet so many of you (or meet up with you again) :> Didn't wander around too much or go to many panels, so it was a very chill con overall for me. I still felt exhausted though, so I don't really know how many of you ran around con an entire weekend, haha. ( ´_ゝ`) I must be getting old.

Anyway, thanks for an amazing time! And thanks again if you stopped by my table!

Next up: Anime Expo in Los Angeles, CA (Maybe. I'm heading down to attend for sure, but not 100% on tabling.)

There was some interest in the magnets and other things, so they're now available for purchase here: eruemcee @ storenvy!

Classes have been taking up a lot of time, so I'm pretty behind on a lot of things. How is everyone? Is anyone attending Fanime in a few weeks? I'm confirmed for a table, but assignments aren't out yet. I'll edit this post once I find out where it is! and I'll be at T150 (map)!! This year I'll be sitting next to the lovely Rosewine : )

I'll have a bunch of new stuff then. I'll try to upload it before the con, but it'll probably be cutting it rather close, lol. :'D

Oh, unrelated to Fanime, but I just started working on a collaborative art book project that'll be printed in the fall. I'm pretty excited about it, and I can't wait until it's a little further along so I can talk about it more. ヽ(`∇´)ノ ♥

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Hello again!

Agh, so after Anime Expo a lot of stuff happened and dA kind of went neglected besides quickly checking on deviations, polls, and journals. Thank you for all the comments, faves, and watches so far! I'd like to reply to them all, but some of them are getting kind of old so I wouldn't blame you for not remembering what I'm even replying to, lol. However, I'll check through again  and answer any that may have questions. (Sorry for the late replies, al;kdfjad (;´д` ))

I'll be sitting in the fan market* at Yaoi-Con in Burlingame this upcoming weekend! You can find me at table 44 in the foyer outside of the dealers room. As usual, my tablemate will be the awesome workparty. Please drop on by if you have the time! (<ゝω・)

I won't have too much new stuff at the convention, but I'll be taking commissions at the con! Please bring references for series/characters if interested!

* which is open Saturday and Sunday only!

☆ See ya~ ☆
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Hi, everyone!!

It turns out that I am indeed attending AX this year. : D I'll be sitting at table G10 in the artist alley, which is in the same hall as the dealers; we're just behind them along the back wall. If I'm reading the map correctly, I should be toward the left side of the AA. If you have time, please stop on by to say hello! ♥ I'll be tabling by myself this con, so I could do with the company, and it'd be awesome to meet up. :>
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In the process of moving some deviations over from xhikarix. I'll update this journal when the spam is over!

The spam is over! I'm done re-uploading and uploading all the old and new things onto this account. :>

Edit: Ahaha... there seems to be a limit to how many people I can +watch within a certain amount of time, so I'll be slowly adding everyone back U v U;;
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