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art deco bedroom

3ds max and Vray

Design: Yalkın OZISIK

Rem Mimarlik
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© 2007 - 2021 Ertugy
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Can I move in? What a dream such a room would be :) Thanks for sharing and have swell new year.
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Awesome! I love Art Deco styling and this looks so close to a photo as well. Most impressive 3D work. :-)
GorgeB's avatar
Very nice work! :clap:
1zmim's avatar
Art deco'ysa daha fazla simetri olmalı...
MichaWha's avatar
Wow, I thought it was a photo until I saw the description, very well done !
OMNICRON8000's avatar
that room is gorgeous! im so jealous, i want that mirror. and everything erlse in the room too for that matter lol
Neon-Monkey's avatar
This design have been featured in the 12/12 Designs of week 29 [link]
wingsofdragons's avatar
wow I want this room ! so very cool!
chapsdxf's avatar
wow i thought it was real.. amazing stuff
Bingokongen's avatar
I thought for sure it was a photo. I really admire your skills.

If im allowed to post some constructive crits, the only thing i noticed.

(!! I have to stress i only noticed it 'after' i read it was a render !!)

Is that the blanket on the bed looks like it needs to be more lightabsorbing, less reflective. And the stool upfront probably should get some slight abnormalities in its figure to look less square.
But seriously, really great great work. Very nice work with the woodpaneling and wardrobe too... Reflection is great, everything looks near to brand new. Im flabbergasted.
Bingokongen's avatar
Added to fav's.
Marie-Authoress's avatar
Chrillen's avatar
I actually thought this was real! VERY nice work!
ditya's avatar
keren banget nih.. :thumbsup:
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wow. this is beautiful. please design my room lol! I LOVE YOUR ART!
Evolved-Monkey's avatar
What program do you use?
kon's avatar
I thought this was real at first. SUPERB !!

caduhara's avatar
reaally good! but i think that the plate with cherries will fall down :D
ChazKemp's avatar
Simply amazing - not only is your work beautiful but this bedroom is awesome! I want to have a bedroom just like that. Thank you for sharing this with us!
Lunie-Chan's avatar
That's SO awsome O_O
chutkat's avatar
I love the detail of the mirror in the closet, and the niche in the back of the bed's header is fantastic :D
I would put things in there if that was my room >_>
I'm such an unorganized person lol
DaveCox's avatar
wow i love it!
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