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You've Got The North In You

For once in my history, I'm creating a scene which has already passed (and didn't happen on tv)
You guys know me, I have never done something like this, I've never created something by using a popular idea. It is simply because I don't like to lean on the "favourite" and as you know I've always painted my own wishful thinkings... until now!

But this time, I can not hold myself to draw a farewell scene for Jon and Ghost.
Because, they deserved this.

And you know what, I sincerely think those two SHALL meet again beyond the wall, in episode six. So I want to believe we're likely going to see this scene as a reunion scene in the end, if Jon survives Game of Thrones.✌🏻

But for once, an artwork depicting something which we all wanted to see on tv, aside from my imaginary scenes. ;)

Hope you guys enjoy.❄
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ghost the wolf , you're one tough fighter and a great survived, but awesome artwork 😍😍❤️👍👍
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You were right. You are precognitive.

This reminds me of the very end of the GoT series where he’s sent to the wall (which I thought was kinda dumb, but whatever) and anyways he reunites with Ghost. Ya know what I mean?
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Jon being sent to the Wall is a get out of jail free card considering how Jon even muses on how the Night’s Watch still exists which shows how it‘s a flimsy excuse of a punishment that allows Jon to leave without execution for the death of the Queen. Just clarifying I’m not supporting the writing of the last two seasons.

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Wonderful work...
HammerinInkminer's avatar certainly is deserved -- agreed.
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And it happened. Game Of Thrones Icon Thank you for the amazing art.
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Thank you for this art.Ghost absolutely deserved that to happen.
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Instead Jon was like. "Laterz Ghost."
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Ughhh this is gorgeous! Definitely should've happened D<
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The send off WE SHOULD HAVE GOT 
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Gorgeous work! I definitely wish this is what happened. Thanks for doing this.
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Was so sad that there wasn't a goodbye, just seems so wrong that all ghost got was a glance from Jon. 
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HeartLoveIt's Gorgeous, Beautiful, Stupendous & Sad, at the same time! Thank You for Sharing & Allowing Us to Fave+favYour Works! 'HOOOAAH!' ClapI salute you!LoveHeart
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THAT would have been a proper goodby :(
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In an era where fans are having to take matters into their own hands...You have made this a scene that did happen. Good Work!!!
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A farewell as it should have been and not just a meaningful look.
Amazing artwork once more.
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if possible, can we get this as a 2K wallpaper? this looks amazing
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Beautiful ;_;
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Three words: MAN'S BEST FRIEND
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First off, cool. Second thing, is this from something?
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woa!!!! good job!!! :) :) :) :)
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