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You've Got The North In You



For once in my history, I'm creating a scene which has already passed (and didn't happen on tv)
You guys know me, I have never done something like this, I've never created something by using a popular idea. It is simply because I don't like to lean on the "favourite" and as you know I've always painted my own wishful thinkings... until now!

But this time, I can not hold myself to draw a farewell scene for Jon and Ghost.
Because, they deserved this.

And you know what, I sincerely think those two SHALL meet again beyond the wall, in episode six. So I want to believe we're likely going to see this scene as a reunion scene in the end, if Jon survives Game of Thrones.✌🏻

But for once, an artwork depicting something which we all wanted to see on tv, aside from my imaginary scenes. ;)

Hope you guys enjoy.❄
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It did except with both man and direwolf showing how happy they are to see each other again. And certainly giving the visual impression that their time with the Free Folk is only just beginning.