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The Pointy End

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Hey hey!
I am very curious about the end game for Arya...

Hope her story arc is already completed by the moment Sandor grabbed and shouted her; "Look at me!"
But I still fear for her. If she continues to do what she believes right (and she has all reasons to believe it now), I really don't know where her story ends...
Let's not forget, Jon does not know Arya can chance her face ! Frodo sacrificed his finger in the end, let's hope Arya and Jon won't have to be sacrificing more. 😱

The origin of "The Pointy End" is from 2015 and it's name is "A Girl Does Not Wait" which I painted after our long discussions with my friend @cassiusgren 🍻 :) ----->…

While the series is coming to an end, I thought that piece deserved better, so I kinda revisited it with new faces including Rorge, Littlefinger and the Night King!

Hope you guys enjoy!

P.S: These latest images came extra, I STILL have the last illustration of mine to release for the series in a couple of days. So, thanks for your interest!
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Я помню, где Кейтилин Старк.
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YadreyHobbyist Digital Artist
In the end she will kill Deni, John will die and Gendry will become king,and Arya Queen seven kingdoms.
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You know what is funny?...
Almost everyone on her list, ended up being killed by others.
Anyone else spotted that?

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The thought of what would happen if the Faceless Men were to actually put on The Mountain That Rides' face is frankly terrifying. 
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NauyacoHobbyist Digital Artist
Oh man I remember the fan theory that ser Robert Strong would've had Ned's rotting head. THAT would've been so awesome, but I guess we're not allowed to have nice things. Well, except this picture, that is Wink/Razz 
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I'd have liked to see a Kill Bill Vol. 1-style sword duel to the death between Cersei and Daenerys, but they wouldn't do that because Cersei would've won.
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Very very nice! Well done! :)
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Sandro Clegane saved Arya Stark for the last time with that Look at Me!
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