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KatcoloristProfessional Interface Designer
Much admire your ability to create a battle.
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It does not remember in the show
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LadySionis Writer
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Haha nah Ramsay would never face Jon off on his own (or tbh, face anyone off on his own) if he could avoid it.
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your Game of throne's art is alway's amazing!
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ninjakimmProfessional Digital Artist
umm. where is the giant ?
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This art was really sick dude great job i was wondering if you can do a digital art of the two scenes where Jons army is charging into battle right after Tormund says "Run and fight!" with all the banners more clearly shown and the scene with the mountains of bodies with the banners sticking out in the wind. If you could make these two that would be amazing
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Where is the other image with Jon at the center??
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ertacaltinozProfessional Digital Artist
I didn't make any other versions with "Jon is at the center"?
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No? Oh I remember one with Jon in flames :/
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ertacaltinozProfessional Digital Artist
Yeah, that one was exclusive for my Instagram and Twitter followers. I even forgot about it.
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R62Professional Filmographer
So epic! great job dude
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Nice work on this man
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buena imagen que programa puedo utilizar para montar marcas de agua a mis trabajos ???
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That's it, you definitely possess premonitory powers, could you make a prediction about who shall sit on the Iron Throne?
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Tormund looks awesome pulling that guy off the horse
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I hope this is what is to come. And from the ashes, house Stark shall rise again! WINTER IS COMING!
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Çizimleriniz gerçekten muhteşem. Ramsay'in tazısını eklemişsiniz.Keşke Jon'un Ulukurt'u Hayaleti de ekleseydiniz.
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Battle of the Bastards!
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At the end of this day, one shall stand, one shall fall.
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So true. So true.
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elcid423Professional General Artist
AWESOME job on the pic Ertac!!!
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