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The Dragon Must Have Three Heads

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This was my wishful thinking after S8 E3 :)

I wanted to see Arya getting a dragon ride at least once in her life. She already mentioned Rhaenys and Visenya to Tywin on tv so here it is.
Maybe not like the heroines she admires, but I want to show her mounting a dragon with a short travel here. :)

P.S: Please don't write anything about this week's episode under comment section down below, there are still people out there whom haven't seen it yet.


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RelkiTheAnimatorStudent Traditional Artist
This reminds me of that scene
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ErikShoemakerHobbyist Digital Artist
She didn't get the ride on the dragon, but she did get something much more awesome IMO. :)
Regarding the art, I love the color contrast in this. Nice job on the details as well, you captured her face expression nicely here. 
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rhaegalioHobbyist Digital Artist
Fanstasctic but why Arya ride a dragon? She's not Targaryen
ertacaltinoz's avatar
ertacaltinozProfessional Digital Artist
Arya is not riding a dragon. She is mounting one just like Ser Jorah, Beric, the Hound and Tormund mounted in season seven.
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RainbowFayHobbyist Traditional Artist
This is a very nice fantastical picture. It would have been so breathtaking to see Arya ride with Jon on Rhaegal. But now I'm very disappointed that D&D chose to kill off Rhaegal. I think it was very stupid of them to do that because they chose to do a Last Jedi fuck all to everyone. I'm even disappointed and pissed that they didn't make all the episodes of Season 8 two hours long. Now I'm easily suspecting that the final episode might become a major disappointment. I know I shouldn't say things like that. But it's my right to judge what D&D did because lots of fans to feel dissatisfied. 
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biohazzartHobbyist Traditional Artist
Wow, a certain scene would have been even more significant if both Jon and Arya were riding Rhaegal! Very nice work as usual.
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For some reason D & D decided to pull a Last Jedi and fuck the series.

Nice artwork though.
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Spartan111777Hobbyist Writer
I feel they've gone all Marvel with series 7 & 8. Still enjoyed it up until last night, episode 4 of season 8. For some reason I felt like that episode finally lost me. The show is now so far away from the spirit of the books that it's an entirely different beast. the show is still epic and with great characters. But unfortunately the direction of the show, the dumbing down, the creation of super heroes and pantomime bad guys has really tainted it for me.
And what the fuck was powering/handling the aiming of those ballistae? Seriously they can shoot that far, with that much power? I know we have dragons, but realism is still important.

Great artwork by the way ; ).
Chocolate-Horse's avatar
Yes I totally agree with you on that.
Especially not just the power of the ballistae but especially how perfect they shoot in the one moment with 3 bolts and then suddenly 100 aren't enough to hit with one. That is so stupid.
I'm so sad what the show became, I had so much hope for all the theories, I've read so much about the back story and everything and now it's just over and useless and I don't even care anymore about the characters I used to like. It's so predictable who dies etc. In the beginning it was always like 'omg what he/she died!? never expected that' and now it's just like 'yep, obvious'.
I'm so disappointed ._. I really thought how much better every  random fanfiction must be at this point.
But either way, have a nice day haha
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Spartan111777Hobbyist Writer
I wrote a review for GOT some time around season 2 which listed why is was different than every other show and movie. Unfortunately if I go back to that list, I could cross off  80% of those points.

Well they have two episodes to reclaim some of the lost magic of the show. Let's hope they can do it.

I'm still enjoying the show, or at least I would if I didn't have high expectations for it. I just have this feeling of massive disappointment in the back of my mind when watching it. We know for a few years what the books are like, but I'm guessing the last two books will have so much more depth and quality to them then the TV show.

Ah well. Have a nice day also!
Chocolate-Horse's avatar
Yes, that's exactly how I feel too. If I haven't had all these expectations I probably wouldn't complain, it's still well made. I just miss so much from the beginning and even though I do have a little hope left for those last two episodes, I've come to a point where I don't even care that much about what happens. I thought so much about everything that might be the story behind the Night King, who Azor Ahai will be or was etc and then it's just over without one word. My hope lies with Bran that he might actually say something about the past or I don't know, just anything that makes it more interesting. Something that adds the depth I hoped for & expected.
And I'd love to read the books to find more interesting details or that the story is different (and more logical) but I don't dare to start reading if I can't even be sure that he will finish writing those books ._.

And thank you! :D It's going good so far :aww:
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SaiizaHobbyist Digital Artist
ikr, that aiming was just... too on point for a thing that massive
Spartan111777's avatar
Spartan111777Hobbyist Writer
I can't tell if you're being sarcastic. But you know, hitting a moving target high in the sky is a hard thing to do and before gunpowder with a big ass harpoon like that, it would nigh impossible. Maybe they were magic harpoons. Let's roll with that idea ; ) . Maybe Yuron Greyjoy is like a mage of some sort. The books allude to this. So maybe he's like Saruman? ;  )

But if Dany ever says one more time that she's going to use ships instead of just marching on land... sigh.
Saiiza's avatar
SaiizaHobbyist Digital Artist
No, I'm not being sarcastic.. XD Everything you explained is what I meant.
I can see the night king being able to since he is literally a supernatural being but Yuron ain't supernatural, he's just a dickface.
Honestly, I just want them to burn the city at this point. (I would be a terrible ruler haha)
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dekutree64Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
She looks rather close to being impaled on those spines...
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kvacmProfessional Digital Artist

Beautiful work!

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well that didnt age well
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ShimazunHobbyist Digital Artist
haha true
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strelokblyatHobbyist Digital Artist
only those with Targaryen blood can ride dragons
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ertacaltinozProfessional Digital Artist
She is not riding a dragon here, she is mounting on one. Like Beric, Thoros, The Hound and Ser Jorah mounted on "Beyond the Wall" on last season.
A side note, there are a couple of non-Targaryen dragon riders in the history in the books, too.
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naiss artwork, RIP Drogon
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DZMaylonHobbyist Digital Artist
Rhaegal, not Drogon x)
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This is a really cool image, great work. The store I work at has GoT final season action figures. I bought myself an Arya figure and customized it with items in my Assassin's Creed collection. I put a wrist blade and one of the AC hoods on the Arya figure before posing it with my other female action figures, she stands side by side other femme fatale figures I have collected. She stands beside my figure of Evie Frye from AC Syndicate. I also got a Dany figure and ordered one of Drogon to put it on, I plan displaying Dany and Drogon next to my figures of Rynn and Arokh from Draken The Ancient Gates, I hope to put a Fire Elemental Sword from my Draken collection in the hand of my Dany figure, given her relationship with fire.
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