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Love Is The Death Of Duty

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Now, our watch has ended.
Over all those years,I had so much fun,I gathered too many friends,I had too many emotions and I think I improved my art while I was trying to create some fan arts for the greatest tv show ever!

We all know the story has come to an end.But it is not the end for me to create more fan arts for the "A Song of Ice and Fire" universe,that's for sure. You know, before continuing with upcoming prequel series of Game of Thrones,I still need to add more works to my collection before I can say,"ok this is farewell".I'm just giving a break now but you know it,a man is coming back with his "Valar Morghulis:A Wights Portraits Series-The Final Season" for one last time,this Summer!

Maester Aemon: Tell me, did you ever wonder why the men of the Night's Watch take no wives and father no children?

Jon Snow: No.

Maester Aemon: So they will not love. Love is the death of duty. If the day should ever come when your lord father was forced to choose between honor on the one hand and those he loves on the other, what would he do?

Jon Snow: He... He would do whatever was right. No matter what.

Maester Aemon: Then Lord Stark is one man in ten thousand! Most of us are not so strong. What is honor compared to a woman's love? And what is duty against the feel of a newborn son in your arms? Or a brother's smile?

Jon Snow: Sam told you.

Maester Aemon: We're all human. Oh, we all do our duty when there's no cost to it. Honor comes easy then. Yet sooner or later in every man's life there comes a day when it's not easy. A day when he must choose.

Jon Snow: And this is my day? Is that what you are saying?

Maester Aemon: Oh, it hurts, boy, Oh, yes. I know.

Jon Snow: You do not know! No one knows. I may be a bastard, but he is my father and Robb is my brother!

Maester Aemon: [chuckles] The gods were cruel when they saw fit to test my vows. They waited till I was old. What could I do when the ravens brought news from the South? The ruin of my House, the death of my family? I was helpless, blind, frail. But when I heard they had killed my brother's son, and his poor son, and the children. Even the little children!

Jon Snow: Who are you?

Maester Aemon: My father was Maekar, the First of his Name. My brother Aegon reigned after him, when I had refused the throne, and he was followed by his son Aerys, whom they called the Mad King.

Jon Snow: You're Aemon Targaryen.

Maester Aemon: I am a master of the Citadel, bound in service to Castle Black and the Night's Watch. I will not tell you... to stay or go. You must make that choice yourself, and live with it for the rest of your days. As I have.

Thank you so much again for all your interest on my work and much love from bottom of my heart to the beautiful people of this great community!

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I like this Jon Snow
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I wept when I saw this for the first time. The quote you used really hit home and paired with the future path Jon must now walk, it just cemented Ned and Lyanna's legacy in his exile. 
At least he has Tormund and Ghost to keep his aching at bay. 
I love the colour palette you've chosen here, especially with those distant flecks of orange in the firelit settlements, reflected in the still icy lake. The arrowhead mountain holds promise now of what might be, reaching into the mystical night sky, the stars tell a new story now... The story of Jon Snow... and the Woman he loved.
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MultiRandomness21Hobbyist Artist
I noticed that when Jon went North of the Wall, there were plants growing from the snow hinting that spring has finally returned to the true north. Will you do something relating to that that?
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LORDTybStudent Traditional Artist
I could just picture Tyrion telling that to Snow
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ertacaltinozProfessional Digital Artist
Oh really?
Nice! :)
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PenstrayStudent Digital Artist
Love your art, as always, wonderful. But how I cringe, involuntarily, when I see it related to a mega-franchise I really dislike and from which, apparently, there is no reprieve on the internet.
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looks like he is the new king beyond the wall
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ertacaltinozProfessional Digital Artist
He'll have his moments, I assume. :)
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kvacmProfessional Digital Artist

This is amazing work!

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ertacaltinozProfessional Digital Artist
Thank you! You have some great pieces in your gallery too.
Keep it up! :thumbsup:
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kvacmProfessional Digital Artist
Thank you too! :)
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NotWithoutHonorHobbyist General Artist
Beautiful. Great work.
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ertacaltinozProfessional Digital Artist
Thanks man!
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Right now would probably be the best time for Free Folk and those monk scholars to explore the far north as the White walkers are beaten.
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ertacaltinozProfessional Digital Artist
The lands of always winter awaits! ;)
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Oh, George Martin was just taunting us with the R+L=J thing that entire time.
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ertacaltinozProfessional Digital Artist
Not really... I think the importance of Jon's lineage was still there- with Daenerys' terrible act, with Jon's decision of the throne and with the ending of him itself.
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I meant in the dialogue you put in the description.  Maester Aemon is describing Ned's situation, but Jon and the audience don't know it.  
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ertacaltinozProfessional Digital Artist
Oh, I see. Yeah, he really was taunting.
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the northern lights are awesome, great job!
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ertacaltinozProfessional Digital Artist
Thank you Jeff, glad you like it!
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NauyacoHobbyist Digital Artist
Oh man love the colours you used on the sky! Amazing work as always!
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