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I revised my earlier "Kit" work for Dragon Lance Nexus site. Maybe I may revise "Laurana" piece of mine, too.

Here is the first version -----[link]

I'm coming back with new pieces soon. Hope to see you then:)


Photoshop CS2
2 extra hours to revise
Wacom Intuos A4 Pen Tablet
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© 2009 - 2021 ertacaltinoz
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Thank you for dragonlance fanart <3
lots-of-lolz's avatar
Kitiara'yı hep sevmişimdir. Güce olan tutkusu onu, dünyanın titrediği Yüceefendi Mavi Leydi'ye çevirdi. Hikayesi Silah Kardeşliği'nde harika anlatılır...
jarlaxlepurple's avatar
good job you totally captured her kick-assnes!
Tofiam's avatar
Hey, now I don´t think why Dalamar desired her. :D
superjenny's avatar
O_O WOWZA! This is awesome! Do you mind if I use it as a desktop background?
ertacaltinoz's avatar
Of course, be my guest!
superjenny's avatar
Thankies~! ~.~
XJNG's avatar
Absolutely incredible.
ScreenEffect's avatar
An amazing piece of art. I used to read Dragonlance series and this portrait of Kit goes one-on-one with her personality in the books. Both your technical and creative performances in this picture are outstanding, not to even mention the rest of your gallery. You got yourself another fan.
NaurCalad's avatar
Absolutely lovely!
Innisfire's avatar
Best rendition of Kit I've ever seen.
fRoD0bAgInS's avatar
I really love this piece, which series is she from, is she from any of the dragons of a... series. The helm shes holding sort of reminds me of kaldras helm from magic the gathering, I like the helm from this more though.
Buzz-On's avatar
That's incredible. Love the sword and tip of the boots especially.
Faunwand's avatar
hastasıyım ya :)
ertacaltinoz's avatar
Abla kardeş, o ikisi (bir de Tas tabi) olayı bitirmiştir kanımca:)
Faunwand's avatar
evet evet bence de :)
E-Pendragon's avatar
Reminds me a lot of Arthas o_O
ishinjo's avatar
again some astounding work it looks nice here, keep up the work man. good to hear from you am kinda getting somewhere with wat i got hopin to see the day i can paint like this.

ogreen's avatar
So Great :D .. i liked it so much :D
madasivad's avatar
Oh my god! Fantastic!
srag's avatar
its much better now bro...i love it!
LegendaryD's avatar
Wow, wouldn't want to fight that chick, even if I was equipped with battle armour she would kick my ass.
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