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This is the second level rider unit for Scythians: "Katafrakt"

The Scythians or Scyths were an Ancient Iranian people of horse-riding nomadic pastoralists who throughout Classical Antiquity dominated the Pontic-Caspian steppe, known at the time as Scythia. By Late Antiquity the closely-related Sarmatians came to dominate the Scythians in this area. Much of the surviving information about the Scythians comes from the Greek historian Herodotus (c. 440 BC) in his Histories, and archaeologically from the exquisite goldwork found in Scythian burial mounds in Ukraine and Southern Russia.

The name "Scythian" has also been used to refer to various peoples seen as similar to the Scythians, or who lived anywhere in a vast area covering present-day Ukraine, Russia and Central Asia—known until medieval times as Scythia.
Scholarly consensus since the 19th century identifies the Scythians (Saka) of Antiquity as an Iranian people, and their Scytho-Sarmatian language (the predecessor of the Ossetic language) as a Northeastern Iranian language. It should be noted that this does not hold for times after the 5th century AD, as, with the expansion of the Göktürk empire and Turkic migration, Central Asia came under Turkic dominance, and the Sakha of medieval times are undisputedly a Turkic nation.

You can read more about them here:

And like before, for Global Game Center Homepage, please visit----->

Photoshop CS2
Wacom Intuos A4 graphic tablet
Approx. 20 hours

Hope you like it.
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What's holding up his lances?
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Something you can not see because of the horse:)
AlanSteenhouwer's avatar
I know that. But is it just a rack? Is it secured in some way?
ertacaltinoz's avatar
There is no way we can know this from this angle, sorry:)
AlanSteenhouwer's avatar
No historical knowledge you can impart on this poor soul?
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I know there is a historical reality about carrying spears with them, but other than that there was no importance for me to search how they do that. It is up to your imagination.

Anyway this is not a history piece, this is a fantasy piece which means they are not exactly THE Scythians.

But if you seek knowledge about them, I can suggest you to search some history books like Osprey Publishing's----->

Wish I could help. Thanks for stopping by!
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Kinda reminds me of that Image in Men at Arms
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Hey buddy,

I hope. probably there will maybe a lot of aceptance in germany and austria because here live very much turkish people.

Well i like the designs yes, but not all is really historical correct. Like weapon styles or the picture with the elephants.. I do not see any releation between turkvolks and war elephants. The Persians use this in the antiquity, but the folks in the game are in middle age.

Anyway i think its really good designed, and people can see the culture of the turk folks without any clichees or much connection to arabian influce, good job!
Bahimiron's avatar
Hey dude..i watch allyour pics..theres this game about turkvolks and mongolians...i'am really interrested in history in general and i study oriental studys... can i ask if there will be a english or german version of this game soon? whats this game about?
ertacaltinoz's avatar
Hey man!
I'm sure there will be another versions in German and English both. My company is having meetings with the other game companies of other countries and "I guess" there will be some good news about foreign versions really soon!

And about turkfolks and mongolians... You know, this game is based on history and our races are based on their "real" ancestors. But to make something "new" ı tried to make some stylizations in my own style.
So, let me ask you one thing. Since you are really good with history and these cultures, what do you think? I mean, did you like the designs?
I'm asking because I need the idea of someone who knows the REAL facts in this profession.(well, dear Yiğit Değer Bengi is a real professional but its not bad to hear from someone else, too)
Thank you.
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Great painting, as usual! I always love your addition of the birds :D The horseman is very dynamic as well!

I've been liking you Scythian concepts, they seem to be an interesting group of people :)
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ellerinize sağlık...
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Çok teşekkürler Hüseyin, Cumhuriyet Bayramın da kutlu olsun bu vesileyle( ve okuyan herkesin:))
Görüşmek üzere, kolay gelsin.
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This has been featured in my journal! Wonderful work :heart:
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excellent work! :thumbsup:
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This is really amazing! So many details as if you were in that place and saw it with your own eyes.
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Great as always, the horse's head looks a bit weird though .
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wonderful work my friend
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Bu aralar iyi çalışıyoring :)
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wonderful work!!
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Katafracts! I remember them from Age of the Empries

ok I know its not 100% storically accurate but they were awesome cavalry
MMKH's avatar
Yeah, I also remember those units. Great job!
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