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Women of my life No:07.
Lady Jessica Atreides from world's best-selling science fiction novel- Dune written by Frank Herbert.

Wow, what a woman! I first met her in Cryo Interactive Entertainment's adventure game(it was first Dune game, I guess). When I got older I read the novel and learned her true nature deeper. And then I watched film and mini series which were both good adaptations. Guess I met her in all media:)

Hope you like it.

From now on we have three more ladies to go, so please stay tuned;)

Photoshop CS3
Wacom Cintiq 12WX
Approx. 20 hours.

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This the best rendition of Jessica I've ever seen. Please do Alia. Do you sell prints? You are an amazing artist.
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You've rendered her perfectly. Is this Jessica in her Reverend Mother position for the Fremen Tabr?
hmm hmm cool bit of work!!!
I simple adore Dune as well but somehow i didnt imagine her like that, i dunno why :\
nice style!
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This is an awesome picture!
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Very interesting piece. I definitely get the impression that this is something from the far, far future... Her dress is totally alien to us, but is unmistakably something very elegant and high-class. And her pose denotes the mixture of shame and inner strength regarding her disobedience to the Sisterhood.
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I like this insect-style costume :D Very well done
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I read Dune and I developed a fondness for Jessica. The detail in this is amazing!
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This is SO "out of this world" cool!
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Wonderful work!!! You captured beautifuly the ways of this strong, marvelous character. :D
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Thank you so much Arianne, I hope so.
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No problem. You certainly did. ;)
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That'll make some man's Gom Jabbar real happy. ^_^
Oh what? I couldn't help myself. Sheesh. :P
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Magnifico !!! Fantastic composition !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Fantastic interpretation. Amazing texture work, and I love the tone. I'd buy this as the mother of the Kwisatz Haderach.
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great work as usual my friend. :)
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Not at all what I expected her to look like haha. Very cool interpretation though.
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I have a hard cover copy from 1984. It was sitting on a shelf in a Naked Furniture store. AS DECORATION! I said, "fuck that!" Now it's mine and it's great. Anyway, your picture kicks ass.
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Amazing i love it!!!! I love the dune novels have to confess im in love with chani character
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