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Hear Me Roar

By ertacaltinoz
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Hey guys!
My close friends know that I consider myself as a Lannister. Believe it or not my favourite character is her grace, Cersei of Houses Lannister, first of her name, queen of the Andals and the first men, lordness of the Seven Kingdoms, and protector of the realm.
Well, this doesn't necessarily mean that I approve everything she's done but I must admit, I quite like her. It is known :).
Here it is, the lioness is all alone on a frozen map of Westeros! King's Landing where she is standing by seems like the least frozen spot compared to the rest of the map. And a huge dragon shadow is covering the whole continent. This particular piece thematically satisfied me much more than any of my other pieces. Because it is not trying to predict a particular scene, but it says what it has to say.
Hope you like it, too!

Well there is only one artwork left by me to show you guys before the season eight airs.
My previous artwork was entitled "Winter Is Coming" as you know, this one is entitled "Hear Me Roar", and you guys can guess what's coming next and what will the title be, I guess. ;)
Please stay tuned!

And her grace; no matter what ever happens on tv in the end...
I Love You! 🦁
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SachiiAHobbyist Digital Artist
Same same same same same same i love her so much!! And i adore this art and the tension you captured here! 
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CamscottRobzHobbyist Artist
Now that I've watched the latest episode of Game of Thrones, this scene is surprisingly accurate.

Just for the accuracy, I'm giving this beautiful masterpiece a 10/10
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FrozenStarRoProfessional Digital Artist
I love that the floor is the map of the kingdoms
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Question is which Dragon? 
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Urbain-FantastiqueHobbyist Writer
The Lion Queen. 
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SmchrrHobbyist Artist
there will be no more dinner for you if you keep behaving like this
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LOrdalieHobbyist Traditional Artist
I'm a dornish^^Love Jamei Lannister(how is structure is story in the serie is very awesome) and Red viper's oberyn martell(so badass)
Cercei is a hatefull person ..and she kill house lannister herself by giving power of militant faith with her medium wisely skill...she is not Tywin.
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"Fire and Blood" I'm guessing is next.

Cersei is a villain you love to hat, but damned if this doesn't seem almost prophetic.  The Queen Bitch all alone, surrounded by a wasteland of ashes and frost.
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CachemirineHobbyist Digital Artist
Awesome work! Love the perspective and her expression.
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She's the only GoT character I'd want to cosplay. Picture Cersei 7 inches taller with glasses, LOL.
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Hmm, a funny coincidence would be if she on the Fingers area on the map. A nice little symbolization.
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awesome work!
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