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Beautiful art, though I a deeply disappointed in the episode we didn't get to see Ghost fighting for his life against giant ice spiders...

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RoyalQueenMidnightStudent General Artist


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If I didn’t see a body, then he ain’t dead.
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Chill lads, Ghost is alive XD. Don't know how he made it out but he's alive.
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Yes. Watch the teaser for episode 4. Pause at the moment where the survivors are walking forward to light a pyre. Ghost can be clearly seen in the background along with Yohn Royce who wasn't present in the fight - mostly because he has mastered the art of standing perfectly still that he became invisible even to wights.
Unkownbrony52's avatar the hell did ghost survive, we may never know. I’ll just vote for bs and say cause of magic
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ertacaltinozProfessional Digital Artist
Yes, indeed. I think because he is "Ghost"! XD
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YoshieUchihaHobbyist General Artist
Ghost no goddammit!
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MelodicChronicProfessional Traditional Artist
Nooooo!!!! I hope Ghost doesn't get turned. The last of their Dire wolves that are still in play. But we should see Hodor lumbering about on the battlefield with bright blue eyes.
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NauyacoHobbyist Digital Artist
Took me a while to understand why "Ghost". Now I feel dumb. Awesome work! that iris is mesmerizing
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Oh wow. Do all the White Walkers have eyes like that and I just haven't noticed?

Seriously, the Night King should get eyes/contacts like these. 
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Oh, that's beautiful.
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Chronos-XHobbyist Writer
How the final battle might play:

Daenerys (sees what Viserion has become): Egon Viserion Alexander Trajanus Lupercius Targaryen the Eighth! Stop aiding those White Walkers and get back here right now, or you're grounded, young dragon!

Viserion (all emo and whiny-like, rocking a My Chemical Romance t-shirt): But Moooooooom, can't you see I've been zombified!? I'm like evil and shit now! (Dany glowers at him). Fine, fine! Can't get away with nothin' (Goes Dracaris against the Night King and the Walkers).
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Cool work.
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You Sir are a neverending source of inspiration ! This is Beautiful.  Love the spiral, love the dragon mouth in the reflection.  Terrific job sir ! 

And I have a terrible feeling that it's gonna happen. Ghost dies, come back as a wight direwolf and Raeghal kills him, symbolizing the fact Jon may leave the North to rule Westeros. 
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qoldenskyHobbyist Digital Artist
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