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Fuck the King

Cersei, Tommen and "Robert" Strong; just like an old family reunion. 😉
Burning, beheading, crushing... The order "kill them all" was never so misunderstood since the Mad King. XD

Ideas&discussions in association with Calvin Green.  He is REALLY helping me much with the lore and stuff while I'm drawing. And he has a great personality. So, go give him a shout out guys!  ---->

See ya with the next image!

All the Best

Photoshop CS6
Wacom Cintiq 12WX
Approx. 30 hours.
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I know I am mature enough to view this but it won't let me!

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And then he cleaves this little fucker appart by throwing him on the blade sticking out of his stomach! :XD:

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Is that suppose to be Joffrey or Tommen.
You know that still COULD happen ! Cersei dear you have an undead by your side and there's necromancers coming from behond the Wall ... ^^ such a fitting end B)
Never play with Mad Dogs.
Or piss off mountains too much; they always have the last word.
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Just saw the finale.  Not quite how it happens, but this could be seen as one interpretation!
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That would be fucking hilarious and a little sad for Cersei if Tommen died this way.:D
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What, because of her staggering incompetence and pride?  Sad for Tommen, maybe.
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At this point in the season I'm hoping Tommen gets killed.
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Wow.  This image is scary.  Unreal.  I don't know whether this is what I want to see on GOT or not.  First in Battle from Tower of the hand described your painting and Qoburn, also of Tower of the Hand, knew just where to find your work.  You are an excellent illustrator, hopefully we will see more of your great art.  
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noooo!!! please nooo!!!
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Horrific and beautiful.
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OMG! The mountain unleashed his fury, cool art work dude, congratulations!
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"And then I smashed her head in like this!" 
not a single penny' but ill still take that chicken!
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Hoooooly hell... this actually seems like something that would happen on the show. This will blow my fucking mind if it happens and I'm going to remember this gorgeous painting.

I also love how it seems like Loras landed a killing blow on Cleganestein, even though it didn't do any good.
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Holy shit, is that Zombie Clegane? O__O
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Simply stunning. Brutal, but expected with GOT.
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