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April 30, 2019
Fire And Blood by ertacaltinoz
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Fire And Blood



"Fire and Blood"by me.
At this very moment we've seen the very first episode by yesterday. The text below is a Copy-Paste from my Instagram profile. I uploaded this on there before the first episode aired. I always upload my new artworks on Instagram FIRST. So you can follow me there if you'd like, if you want to get updated as soon as I release an image.;))

Here we are! We have survived our long night and in a couple of hours all will be revealed with Game of Thrones-Season Eight Episode One!
We're literally just a couple of hours away from seeing the very first episode.
This is my hopeful thinking of an imaginary scene from maybe Episode Five? For me, Daenerys is destined to reach King's Landing, no matter what. She HAS TO see the Iron Throne, or what remains from it, by her own eyes before everything ends. I refuse any other ending for Daenerys, ANY!
You know, all of her journey, her victories, losses, her story, the feeling, the music... I really can't count like, how many episodes ended with a last scene with Daenerys, along Ramin Djawadi's the greatest music? All this can't be for nothing. She is reaching King's Landing, possibly with no armies (cause I think she'll likely lose her armies, maybe Rhaegal, Missandei, Greyworm and Ser Jorah, too while the great war in the North at Winterfell), She is opening her way through the Red Keep on top of her only remaining dragon-: Drogon. Will she go after what is "hers" - or will she abandon her ultimate goal for Jon Snow? ( DUN DUN DUUUNNN! :P) For his idea, let's shout out to my friend, @azorahype
If Golden Company won't make a surprise by braking their contract, I highly believe, in the final battle in King's Landing the Ironborn will be Daenerys's main force against Cersei. Fingers crossed on Theon and Yara - at least one of them to survive, to beat Euron and to claim their rightful place, again!
I know, by the time of these events, winter may have reached to King's Landing, but I still wanted to show the inimitable orange rooftops in this illustration. Hope you guys enjoy!

Hope this helps you to ease the anticipation and pain while you wait for the very first episode of S8. I will be around with some more Game of Thrones fan arts during the season, so stay tuned!
"The lords of Westeros are sheep, are you a sheep? No. You're a dragon.
Be a dragon."
-Olenna Tyrell
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why do people always make dragon bad it makes me feel sad