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Hey everyone,
This is "Efrasiyab" who is a very powerful warrior of Scythians.

The Scythians or Scyths were an Ancient Iranian people of horse-riding nomadic pastoralists who throughout Classical Antiquity dominated the Pontic-Caspian steppe, known at the time as Scythia. By Late Antiquity the closely-related Sarmatians came to dominate the Scythians in this area.

Scholarly consensus since the 19th century identifies the Scythians (Saka) of Antiquity as an Iranian people, and their Scytho-Sarmatian language (the predecessor of the Ossetic language) as a Northeastern Iranian language. It should be noted that this does not hold for times after the 5th century AD, as, with the expansion of the Göktürk empire and Turkic migration, Central Asia came under Turkic dominance, and the Sakha of medieval times are undisputedly a Turkic nation.

You can read more about them here:

And about Efrasiyab (Afrasiab)...


According to Shahnameh ('Book of Kings') by the Persian epic-poet Ferdowsi, Afrasiab was the mythical King and hero of Turan and an archenemy of Iran. In Iranian mythology, Afrasiab is considered by far the most prominent of all mythical Turanian Kings; he is a formidable warrior, a skilful general, and an agent of Ahriman who is endowed with magical powers of deception to destroy the Iranian civilization.[1]

According to Middle-Persian and Islamic sources, Afrasiab was a descendant of Tūr (Avestan: Tūriya-), one of the three sons of the Iranian mythical King Fereydun (the other two sons being Salm and Īraj). In Bundahishn he is named as the seventh grandson of Tūr. In Avestan traditions, his common epithet mairya- (deceitful, villainous) can be interpreted as meaning 'an evil man'. He lived in a subterranean fortress made of metal, called Hanakana.

According to Avestan sources, Afrasiab was killed by Haoma near the Čīčhast (possibly either referring to Urmia Lake in Azarbaijan, or Lake Hamun in Sistan) and according to Shahnameh he met his death in a cave known as the Hang-e Afrasiab, or the dying place of Afrasiab, on a mountaintop in Azerbaijan; the fugitive Afrasiab having been repeatedly defeated by the armies of his adversary, the mythical King of Iran Kay Khosrow (who happened to be his own grandson, through his daughter Farangis), wandered wretchedly and fearfully around, and eventually took refuge in this cave and died.


Although the identification of the Turanians, a rival Iranian tribe, with the Turks, and Afrāsīāb with their king, is a late development,Turks cultivated the legends of Afrāsīāb as a Turkish hero after they had come into contact with the Iranians. Mahmud al-Kashgari quotes in his Dīwān loḡāt al-Tork a number of elegiac verses lamenting the death of Alp Er Tunga.

As you see, there are lots of arguments about him and who he is. But I like the "evil man" idea most and I depicted (with the help of our beloved writer Yiğit Değer Bengi) him according to that tale:)

And like before- if you have interest- please visit Global Game Center Homepage here ----->

Photoshop CS2
Wacom Intuos A4 graphic tablet
Approx. 20 hours

Hope you like it.
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Great concept and detailing. You must one crazy dude to face this in combat lol
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actually scyhitians are not iranian. modern anthropological researches is not say that. 
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and archaeological, historical workings of course. İranians might be a part of Scythians. Scythians closer a turkic groups.  
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Nice piece. Though if this is supposed to be Afrasiab, you might want to add more armor and royal stuff (namely black iron, iron and black stuff).
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süper üstad!
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Shadowulf1Hobbyist General Artist
:strong: He looks so tough and cool...awesome! 8-)
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StrykZoneHobbyist General Artist
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RadioactiveArcadeStudent General Artist
Interesting, I like it~ :meow:
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and one more thing he was the king of Tooran and the foe of Iran and the adversary of Rostam in most of the battles
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ertacaltinozProfessional Digital Artist
No, I'm not Iranian, I'm Turk.
This is not the real Efrasiyab of course, it's only a warrior unit which is inspired by the "evil version". Some describes him as Alp Er Tunga himself but we decided to not follow that myth. We decided to follow "the evil man" myth( who lived in a subterranean fortress made of metal, called Hanakana )
Thank you.
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Well... I'm persian and I kinda like Afrasiab more than most heroes of Iran.

He was wise, cunning and honorable to a point, though he was prone to feats of anger and very suspicious of those around him, killing his own brother (also a famous Turanian figure depicted as honorable and kind) for undermining his rule, having killed his son-in-law despite hearing a prophecy that "However who kills Siawash is damned" due to ill advises and his own suspicious nature.

And he was an epic sorcerer/hero/king, and none of heroes of iran dared to face him in combat save Rostahm (who became his arch-nemesis) and later Khosrow (who had to overcome many prejudices and hardships before being acknowledged).

There's even this line in Shahnameh about how feared he was: Mountain of Iron becomes like water if it hears name of Afrasiab.

And he was depicted "His banner is black and he wears a black armors, his limbs and head covered in Iron. He wears Iron Crown and a shroud of black is over his helmet and armor"

All this iron and black kinda makes him look like Morgoth Bauglir in Tolkein's works.
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nice sketch
he was described as a good looking man in Shah-Nameh of deceased Ferdosi the Great.
Are you iranian yourself?
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Vallaha senin çalışmalarını inceledikçe, birşeyler öğreniyorum. Ustamsın farkındamısın xD<3

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oh! he's a man i dreamed about! ^^ =)
will hope he has a kind knightly soul =)
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RachelJArtsHobbyist Digital Artist
Oh goodness, this guy is awesome!

The skin tones are wonderful, and I'm loving the stream of saliva at the skull xD
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Your use of light and shadow along with your attention to detail makes this a stunning work of art. I love the subtle colors you have used in the background. They make a good contrast to the starkness of the subject. This is really impressive.
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^^; I really don't think I'd wanna meet him. I'd be afraid he'd decide to use my skull as a water canteen. Yikes! Great detail work & what a thrilling stance. -Nixirhei
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çok iyi hocam. keşke türkçede yazsaydın hikayeyi
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This is Amazing man. You drawings are great dude.
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orcbrutoHobbyist Artisan Crafter
What is that he is holding? A stone heart? A strange shapped mug? Oo
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VampireDGhostProfessional Digital Artist
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gogotoProfessional Writer
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