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Game of Thrones S07E01: "Dragonstone"
A poster which I prepared from our predictions with 
becausegeek -… , months before GoT S07!

Enjoy! ;)

Game of Thrones yedinci sezon ilk bölüm "Dragonstone" için hazırladığım fan art poster.
le birlikte… aylar öncesinden sürdürdüğümüz sohbetler ve tahminler ışığında, her hafta her bölüm için bir yenisi yolda!

İyi seyirler.

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Your work is unbelievable!
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Wow... its like you made photos, but its all drawed, you have my respect, you made a good job!
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The art style is absolutely beautiful! Best quality poster right here
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For the love of the gods, old and new, make these available for printing lol Redbubble that shit man, these are masterpieces
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I love the throne on dragon stone. Fantastic work.
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Stunning details ...Heart 
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Wow! This is such amazing work!!! Really great work :)
i want it without the watermark, if you can send it to me, is just for i want to have it clean, i can even steal a work like this!

if you think, that is posible, send it to me at

thanks anyway!!!!!
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"Shall we begin?"
It was about time, I'll say! :D
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One of the best images ive seen in a long time! spectacularly done! Clap I am a dummy! 
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The game... is not over yet...
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Absolutely breathtaking :D 
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Breathetaking dear friend! )
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it's awesome and amazing :) :)
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wow that is amazingly detailed!!
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Great piece! I'm using it as my cover photo on Facebook with proper attribution and a link back to your Deviant Art profile. If that's not cool, let me know. Thanks, Toney
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Any chance to get a big Version ?
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I'll watch the show when the books are finished.......could be awhile...
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